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Police should be supported, respected as law enforcement warriors

Afghan Police

In an unprecedented step, the lower house of the national assembly summoned Minister of Interior and senior authorities to an extraordinary meeting on mid Saturday night to clarify what was called improper police approach against two lawmakers.

A number of lawmakers requested sacking of MoI senior deputy minister for security affairs Khoshal Sadat that was faced with strong reaction of people.

People accused the lawmakers for superiority and disrespect to national bodies and lack of respect to law. Large number of social media users strongly criticized power mongering of lawmakers and requested support of security bodies in even implementation of law on all.

How the problem started? Based on MoI program of security measures, on identifying of vehicles with no legal documents and cleaning of black windows, police stopped vehicle of a lawmaker and intended to clean its black windows. But the bodyguards of the lawmaker considered this as disrespect to lawmaker and engaged with police.

But police disarmed them and stopped their car. This gesture of police faced with reaction of another lawmaker and ultimately, the house summoned MoI authorities in the mid night to an extraordinary meeting to provide details on this issue.

The collection process of illegal weapons and vehicles with no document is going on in the capital and provinces, MoI senior deputy minister for security affairs Khoshal Sadat wrote in his facebook page that, to ensure better security of capital Kabul and other provinces, the MoI leading body has ordered all subordinate units to collect illegal weapons and stop all vehicles lacking documents and make legal approach with irresponsible armed men.

Police special forces in close cooperation with other security forces established check points in different parts of the capital city to collect illegal weapons and vehicles lack documents and as a result black windows of 143 vehicles were removed and 31 vehicles with no legal documents and police confiscated 25 pairs of military uniforms with a quantity of military equipment from irresponsible armed men, Sadat added.

He continued; Afghanistan MoI demands all dear countrymen to offer all sided cooperation with ANP in fulfilling of this patriotic mission.

Police has undertaken the job of protection of public order, enforcing of law and ensuring security of citizens and reacting against disturbing reasons of security and stability, so it has the right to adopt certain steps and implement measures to achieve the above goals.

It is obligation and responsibility of citizens to cooperate with their ANP for better implementation of these measures. The obligation of lawmakers who are members of Afghan legislature is heavier than all for implementation of law and security measures.

The Afghan people expect their lawmakers not to react motional immediately in similar situation against ANP. Lawmakers should cooperate and support ANP in implementation of law and improving of security.  

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