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Pine nuts exports problems to China solved

pine nuts

By: Shukria Kohistani

While the ACCI reports on settlement of pine nuts exports problems to China, a number of pine nuts exporters say that due to flights stoppage, over one thousands tones pine nuts have been accumulated in ware house. Pine nuts export to China was stopped due to Coronavirus outbreak for a while and now it has been restarted. Afghan traders say that due to these problems, they have sustained hundreds thousands dollars damages. Afghan trader Shahzada Zadran claims that has exported pine nuts to China at a cost of Afs 6m but has not received his money. Other traders have the same problems. Whenever we call to China to send our money no one respond us because all their business centers are shut down.
Chairman of pine nuts market in Khost Noor Gul Mangal said due to existing problems the price of each kilo gram pine nut has decreased Afs 500.
According to Mangal, if pine nuts exports to China is not accelerated and current problems are not solved until 5th of March, all pine nuts will be perished due to lack of proper place.
Trade between China-Afghanistan amounts to US $ one billion and 50 m per year. Prior to this, the ACCI had said that based on an agreement between domestic companies and Chines companies in coordination of Technical Deputy Director of Affair Administration, 62000 tones pine nuts are expected to be exported to China in five years.
Spokesman of ACCI John Aqa Naweed said that officials of ACCI have met Chinese ambassador and authorities in Kabul and they have promised to settle their problem soon. During their meeting, ACCI authorities have asked them so one of the Chinese companies should start direct flights to Afghanistan. They promised to discuss this request with their aviation authorities to settle exports via air corridor.
The problem is temporary and would be solved soon both countries will adopt measures.
To transfer money of Afghan traders, Chinese authorities were asked to open a branch of China bank in Kabul and a branch of Afghan bank in China to deal with traders monetary problems.

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