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Peshawar-kai pledges to continue Afghan aid activities

Peshawar Kai

By: The Kabul Times

Peshawar-kai, a nongovernmental organization engaging in humanitarian aid activities in Afghanistan, held a long-delayed meeting to report on its local activities at Fukuoka High School in Fukuoka’s Hakata Ward on Saturday.
The gathering, which drew about 300 participants, was held four months later than initially scheduled because of the impact of the novel coronavirus.
At the meeting, the Peshawar-kai reported that it and Peace (Japan) Medical Services (PMS), a fellow NGO, agreed in February to continue all projects, which include those dealing with medical services, irrigation and agricultural works. The PMS is in charge of on-site activities in the country.
Peshawar-kai also reported that a monument bearing the image of Tetsu Nakamura, the late chief of activities in the country, was completed in Gamberi Park on Sept. 15. The park was converted from a desert into a green zone through irrigation works.
Regarding irrigation projects, Peshawar-kai said that it will establish an internal technical support team comprising companies and experts in water management, and is putting together a system in consultation with local engineers.
Peshawar-kai Chairperson Chiyoko Fujita, 61, who is also PMS director-general, called for cooperation, saying, “I want people from Japan to have Afghanistan in their thoughts.”

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.