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Persons with disability need empowerment

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The world day of persons with disability is marked in Afghanistan at a time that these individuals constitute three to five percent of Afghanistan population. These citizens are in dire need of systematic and planed empowering.
Empowering of these countrymen is not only useful and vital individually, return them to society introduce them as an active and effective element of society and illuminates flames of hope in their hearts but it causes this part of human capital to reactivate, under take a role in our national life process and be useful. In this direction, we have at least two experiments.
First, experiment of other countries; disability is not a phenomenon to be particular to Afghanistan but it could include every other society because the reasons cause disability exist in every society.
But other societies have made strong efforts in the direction of their empowering aimed to return them to society, and changing them to active reactors in national life. In these societies, handicapped are not idle people but are reactor, active and initiator who take part in determining of destiny of their country, second, experiment of our own country. Those handicapped who have managed to be empowered and flourish their talent with their private resources or assistance of relief agencies or benevolent individuals, have been changed to useful and effective reactors and undertake constructive role in national life. There are large number of individuals that disability has never prevented them to take part in social life. They are athletes, artist, inventor, writer, poet…etc.
The ICRC has included a number of physical disables in different provinces in empowering programs, learned them profession including employment in manufacturing of artificial limbs factories for other disabled that caused return of not only hope in their hearts but caused them to play positive role in Afghan society.
All this means that disability is never inability. It is true that according to peculiarities and rate of disability of disabled person, is limitation but we cannot underestimate this possibility that a disabled person owns many potential capacity that with their flourishing, he could be changed to a useful and effective reactor in national life, not only stand on his feet, support his own family and remove their need but be useful to whole society.
Nevertheless, in the first step this idea should be inculcated among citizens particularly those families whose one or more members are disabled that disability is never inability and persons with disabilities could be changed to active and role players in national life, in the next step the government and partner organizations should take steps with their investments aimed to empowering of handicapped, in the direction of ending the idle and useless life of persons with disability.
All government bodies should invest part of their resources proportionate to their plans and programs for empowering of persons with disability. This could withdraw part of human capital of our society from stagnation and lead them towards active reactors in the benefit of general life.

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