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Persons with disabilities play active role in society

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Long devastating wars and warfares have left behind many unpleasant impacts and a number of our people became disabled that strongly saddened their families. But a number of these with disabilites have never allowed disappointment to overshadow their courage and determination and try to lead their daily life like normal and healthy people and make efforts to achieve their lofty goals.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, Ahmad Saber an ICRC persons with disabilites said, I was three years old when I lost my two legs due to a mortar warhead explosion. In the outset I didn’t know what problems would appear to me. Time was passing and I was growing. I felt disabled and considered myself a burden to my family. But one of my disabled friends encouraged me to play basketball and I refered to ICRC hospital and joined basketball team. I managed to play it good and hope appeared in my heart.
I wished to be a member of Basketball National Team and my dream was materialized and I joined disabled N.T.I am satisfied and happy and no longer feel disabled and unbaled. He added, our team attended a lot of races inside and outside the country and achieved first position. We thank ICRC for paving the way for us. He went on to say, since seven years I have been working in ICRC Paralyzed and Polio Section beside other disabled people. ICRC pays me good salary that is enough to support my family of 5 people including my mother, wife and two kids of one and two years old. Saber added, my home village is in ShakarDara District but due to long distance from my job place, I have rented a house in Kabul but it lacks ramp that is a problem to me.
Talking on their problem he said, we cannot go out of home alone and should be accompanied by another person. Cars and taxis don’t stop and we cannot load our wheelchair on car or taxi or bus. We cannot go to bazaar for shopping alone too, that is a big problem.
I request all countrymen to support disabled and handicapped people because they need support. My message to handicapped is not to feel unabled and have firm determination, he concluded.
Karima Malikzada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.