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Persistence of war questions Taliban honesty for peace

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Reports from the recently established “Contact Groups”
of both the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the
Taliban side narrate a positive discussion conveying the message from the first effective step in the field of direct peace negotiations in Doha of Qatar.
Both government and the Taliban group’s elite representatives, with the contact group, have conferred on some key issues, including principles and scheduling relating the first direct negotiations with the teams asserting their seriousness on the long-awaited direct dialogue.
A humanitarian truce and reduction of violence is a need in order to start a real direct peace negotiation and reach a real peace.
Any move to continue war and violence would only harm ordinary people, depriving children from their fathers and mothers and families from their dear ones. Any persistence by the Taliban to continue war and violence, the only victims of which are civilians are against Islamic teachings and humanitarian standards.
Establishing an Islamic government is not only what the Taliban want, but also the entire Muslim people of Afghanistan are willing an Islamic system, while we have Islamic system in our country, right now.
But what is important is putting the real teachings of the Islamic system into practice. Over the last more than four decades of war, neither less attention has been paid in observing the real teachings of Islam, nor less has been paid on the rights of the people. So both sides of negotiations should come to an end that they have no option except respecting the people willing and rights, bowing to law and practicing the entire Islamic teachings and the rule of law.
As of now, the world is waiting for what would happen between the two warring sides that are from the same country and same religion, what would their representatives do for ending conflict and joining reconstruction and development of their country.
So both sides should do their best to direct the convey of peace to the shore of victory and make endeavors that only they can tackle their problems on their own, without other interferences.
Other stakeholders should also cooperate with the peace plan, based on their responsibilities, but let the Afghans overcome any obstacles ahead of peace and reconciliations and help the country permanently get rid of the ongoing miseries.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.