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People’s sincere cooperation key to fight COVID-19

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As it is seen, coronavirus doesn’t intend to give up our people. Sources in the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) said on Sunday that positive cases of coronavirus in Afghanistan have reached to sixteen as four more positive cases in Herat and one in Samangan have been reported.
Meanwhile the Afghan government announced on Saturday that new measures will be taken in hand to protect citizens from coronavirus outbreak; schools will be closed for a month, New Year festival and all sports events will be cancelled to help contain the novel coronavirus that is spreading across the world.
According to the Public Health Ministry, all schools and universities will be closed until mid-April “based on a sage advice by the Higher Education Minister”.
As it seems, coronavirus outbreak is serious. Particularly every day in average according to data of official authorities thousands of Afghans voluntarily repatriate or compulsory deported from Iran and enter western and south-western provinces. Majority of repatriated refugees arrive in Herat through Islam Qala port. These repatriated refugees are the main sources of coronavirus outbreak and most likely the rate of positive coronavirus outbreak would be seriously increasing.
It requires that fight against this virus should be stronger than before and the relevant bodies should fight it seriously. But whereas fight against this fatal virus is impossible without people’s cooperation and the concerned institutions cannot fight it effectively alone, therefore the citizens should render comprehensive cooperation.
People should listen and act the warnings, suggestions and recommendations of the MoPH and make efforts for their private, family, environmental and social sanitation, refuse unnecessary movements, launching of gatherings, and attending meetings and in case of emergency need, in this direction, focus attention to suggestions of responsible authorities.
One of the cases that need people and citizens cooperation, is observing of quarantine period. The relevant medical team quarantine two groups of people to medical checkup and diagnosis of affected and unaffected cases. The first group are people who are suspected of affection with coronavirus and are quarantined until making sure that they are not affected, the second group are those whose positive cases are confirmed.
The goal behind quarantining of the above two groups is prevention of the virus outbreak and its more dissemination among society. These institutions suggest quarantine of these individuals to prevent the virus outbreak and don’t let the situation to go out of control and pollute the whole society as in that case tackling of all cases would be difficult and even impossible.
Accepting the warning and quarantine of relevant authorities is cooperation with relevant responsible authorities. So far escape of two affected persons has been reported but later these two were encouraged to quarantine, but it is possible that they might have transmitted the virus to others including their family members. This issue could be dangerous and increase and accelerates coronavirus outbreak further.
Other kind of cooperation is that if a person sees signs of affection in himself and who has returned from a country which is the source of coronavirus outbreak, he, she should immediately refer to assigned diagnostic centers, test it and make sure that are not polluted with it or if the case is confirmed positive, steps should be taken for treatment.
Our citizens are required to cooperate due to above issues with relevant authorities for preservation of society, their families to prevent further outbreak of the virus. Our people should understand that it’s a fatal and highly dangerous virus and is not a joke. Those who propagate that this virus has been descended from sky and for infields and doesn’t affect Muslims, make mistake. The virus and the COVID-19 affect all people evenly and indiscriminately.

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