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People’s cooperation key in maintaining security in Afghanistan

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Security is one of the top working priorities for every governments. In Afghanistan, National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) are undoubtedly responsible for maintaining security, order and defending the country.
In the past 17 years, the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have developed into a collection of professional institutions that are both committed to their mission and highly respected. Although they face major challenges in key areas of capacity, such as logistics and air power, they are able to defend and address any kinds of threats as they are fighting with high impetus for their people and country.
Although the NATO combat mission ended, and international military assistance declined at the outset of 2015, the ANDSF held their own and foiled the Taliban’s repeated efforts to overrun key areas. Despite challenges, the ANDSF proved their resolve to fight and learn from their mistakes. The ANDSF have been able to reverse Taliban inroads into some remote district centers, albeit with high costs in lives and materials.
Despite all challenges and problems in the country, the Afghan defense and security forces by giving sacrifices and tirelessly efforts are standing and fighting against armed insurgency and defending independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity.
The ordinary people of the country are also standing beside ANA, ANP and NDS forces and making effort towards maintaining better security in the country and report various security cases such as insecurity, gathering of armed insurgents, explosion and suicide attacking and other suspicious activities to ANDSF personnel.
For example, for commemoration of Ashura days and ceremonies held last week, a number of ordinary youths have taken arms to work shoulder to shoulder with Afghan security forces for maintaining security and addressing any possible security threats in Kabul, the capital.
According to the youths, increasing of security threats and explosions in west of Kabul city, they were obliged to take arms to help ANDSF maintain security in the area.
It is not the first time the Afghan youth have taken arms and help ANDSF in maintaining security for Ashura days and ceremonies. After AbulFazel mosque was attacked years ago and dozens of Afghan civilians were martyred and injured, the government decided to distribute arms to a number ofShiiteyouths to help ANDSF in maintaining security and addressing threats during Ashura ceremonies.
Based on agreement between local people and security organs in connection with maintaining better security and addressing any possible attacks during Ashura days, 500 AK-47 rifles have been distributed to individuals in areas where mourning ceremonies were held, according to MoI.
Afghan military experts believe that coordination should be increased between the armed youths and security forces for addressing any possible security threats in the respective areas, stressing that intelligence section of ANDSF should be also active in all entrance gates of Kabul city particularly during such days.
It is worth mentioning that NDS personnel have recently arrested 26 members of Daesh including their squad from various parts of Kabul city. According to NDS, they have planned to target mourning ceremonies on Ashura days.
Lailuma Noori

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