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People’s cooperation essential for Kabul security

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In recent months, the large cities of Afghanistan, especially Kabul, have unprecedentedly witnessed social crimes including street and armed robberies, targeted killings and kidnappings.

The frequent attacks in daylight in the heart of the country’s capital are not only a major challenge to the well-being of the capital’s residents, but also challenge to the security institutions. Afghan people have raised their concerns and even criticized the security organs for not taking actions against the criminals.

Recently to address people’s concern, First Vice-President Amrullah Saleh has taken charge of Kabul’s security for a few weeks in compliance with President Ghani’s directives.

The VP wrote on his Facebook page: “I don’t have anything called compassion for criminals in my dictionary in terms of enforcing the law to ensure public security.”

Saleh, who served as National Directorate of Security (NDS) chief from 2004 to 2010, told Kabul residents: “I will discharge my other duties and responsibilities the way I did in the past.”

Since assuming the responsibility of security of Kabul, VP Saleh’s harsh stance against criminals have increased optimisms among Kabul resident.  They indeed stress that the move should not be just slogan and it must be implemented in practice.

As per VP Saleh’s remarks, selective approach with perpetrators of crime, disturbers of social order, and perpetrators of corruption should be not taken, which this would definitely help the security and social order in the capital city.

Crime is one of the main social issues in Kabul city. Besides being hit by the suicide attacks, insecurity and terrorism, Kabul resident continue to bear the brunt of criminal activities in their city. For a population of more than 6 million people, it is of immense important for the Police and the security organs to prepare a clear mechanism for controlling the crime and destructive activities.

The Kabul Police says that has arrested hundreds of people in charge of criminal activities in the capital city, but what the VP said, it is important to implement law equally on the criminals so that could be a lesson to other people. Implementation of law and prevention of interferences by the security organs would definitely help improve the peaceful living of the Kabul people.

The Afghan government shall develop a realistic crime prevention plan and implement holistically according to its time frame and shall make all the necessary measures to involve the community to support its efforts if it does not want to fail achieving its crime prevention goals.

Since the VP has enough intelligence knowledge, leading the security of the capital city by him would be a positive step and people hope that criminals to be harshly punished so that do not turn to their illegal acts.

Meanwhile people’s cooperation is key with the security organs. Government cannot implement is goals without true and sincere cooperation of the residents. So Kabul residents should report any illegal acts and criminal activities in the locality to the Police forces, so that on time actions to be taken against them.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.