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People say goodbye to all fanaticism


The Election Independent Commission (IEC) sets up the date for presidential elections. The people are eagerly waiting once again going to the polling stations, support democracy and say “no” to anything that harms the process.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes: a few days have been passed since the parliamentary elections, but the lessons learned from the process are comprehensible, should be focused on.
Extensive participation of people in parliamentary elections openly showed the interest of people to democracy and bringing reforms in the country, we should know about the incentives behind the massive participation of people in the elections. All agree that political, economic, social and cultural problems were the main incentives that made the people to go to the polling stations. The people with huge attending in voting stations demonstrated that with strong intention not only in words but in practice even with the cost of their lives want to irrigate and boost the sapling of democracy and speed up the process in the country.
In Afghan community consistently demagogical statements and words are prevailed, but the people, with the lessons and experiences got from demagogical slogans chanted in many previous elections, now are not ready to accept such slogans, people want peace, they say “no” to all political, economic and social problems and refrain from all kinds of fanaticism. Economic growth, preventing migration, creating employment, removing inequalities, observing the rule of law and eliminating all kinds of discriminations required a practical strategy and program. The people know that with just chanting demagogical slogans and deception cannot overcome all critical problems. They in spite of the threats of terrorists and the enemies of democracy, consciously supported the process, knowing the importance and role of their votes will also attend and vote in presidential elections for their favorite persons who prepare the ground for positive changes in to public interests and reaching the position aiming not forget the people.

Abdul Khalil Menawi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.