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People impatiently waiting for presidential election results


By: Dr. A. Hadi Quraishi

Constitutionally, Afghanistan president could be elected by over 50 percent of the votes of the people.
The election would go to a runoff in case none of the two presidential frontrunners, could complete the standard of 50+1 and were equal in vote and in the second round one of them who has completed the curriculum would be announced by the Independent Election Commission (IEC) as the winner.
Nearly two million Afghan eligible voters have attended this year’s poll and exercised their votes in favor of their candidates.
They wanted to elect their favorite candidates democratically and accomplish their rights under the International Human Rights Declaration.
Now which the Independent Election Commission (IEC) is working on the transparent process to announce the clear results of the presidential election, the entire presidential hopefuls and the country’s politicians have to abide by the law and exercise patience until the outcome is made clear.
The IEC has also responsibility to announce the results unbiasedly and announce the winner as this is the people rights to have their successful candidate be announced the winner.
The politicians of the country should give enough opportunity to the commission to announce the results based on a democratic norm, in order to prevent loss of time.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.