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People expectations from young election runners


Most people who have registered for new parliamentary elections are educated youth and people expect them to pave the way for good living conditions.
In their conversations with The Kabul Times reporter, a number of people and political commentators expressed their opinions on this issue as following:
Milad a student of Ustad Rabbani university of education said, no doubt Afghanistan needs youth who have the experience of past parliaments. People expect the young lawmakers to be more accountable and sincere to people. In the past the lawmakers failed to get people trust but hopes are increasing to new generation of lawmakers to serve them honestly.
Nabila a young teacher said, large number of our educated youth are unemployed and we hope our new upcoming lawmakers to provide employment opportunities to these jobless people. Because lack of employment has forced our youth to leave their lovely homeland and their respective families are suffering for their absence.
She added, I hope young educated women among the house conditions would manage to appear in the house but as far as I have learned, less number of competent and educated women have registered for the upcoming parliament. I want the people to support women candidates in order to have a different parliament.
Political analysts believe that youth are strength and source of Afghanistan power and support of them would result in a brighter future of our country.
Haroon Mir a political commentator said, youth are the helpless generation of this territory and their support enable them to play effective role in society. We hope most of the upcoming lawmakers would be the youth and would take positive steps due to their intelligence and talents for implementation of peace and stability in Afghanistan and would rescue this afflicted people from the war calamities. I support youth candidates and wish them all the best.
Some others believe that the new parliament even with younglawmakers majority cannot remove the pains of this nation.
Several parliaments have been established but the problems are still in their place and the lawmakers have failed to settle problems of Afghanistan.
In their opinion, large number of candidate youth are family members of current lawmakers and they will be working like their fathers and the people problems and challenges would remain unsettled.
Experiences have shown that until security has not prevailed there would be no hope for a progressive and developed Afghanistan.
Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.