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People expect a committed, efficient cabinet

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President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has introduced 24 cabinet nominees for ministerial positions to the Wolesi Jirga (lower house of Parliament) for vote of confidence on Wednesday and Afghan lawmakers are due to vote for the nominees soon after listening to their programs.
President Ghani called on the parliament to support deep reforms in the Afghan National Army, National Security Forces, and the Afghan National Police, hand over the responsibilities to the professionals, and strengthen the rules on the relationship.
Indeed, increasing violence and corruption in Afghanistan has been seen as the major threats to national security. Afghan government led by President Ghani has been focusing to recruit compatriot, hard-work and energetic cabinet picks so that to truly serve the war-suffered nation.
Meanwhile the Afghan people needs a professional team with strong political leadership committed to fight against administrative corruption, dishonesty, discrimination, non-transparency and inefficiency to strengthen effective administrative system, and sustainable development. Surely, the coming cabinet would act as an engine of development for Afghanistan.
In this circumstance, Parliaments unbiased assessment of the cabinet picks are very crucial for the success of the new administration. Because, the country needs to practice modern working strategy today, successful financial operations system, generate projects, create jobs and greater earning power for all. Most important, the county needs a capable leadership to tackle insurgency and increasing criminal activities.
The Afghan parliament, that are the representative of the people, shouldn’t take any selective approach against the introduced designate ministers. The new cabinet must be formed from those characters that are excellent initiators, committed, dedicated, and believe to a sustainable and developed Afghanistan.
Afghan people who have been bearing the brunt of forty decades of war, are in dire need of peace and stability in their country as well as want to see a developed and modern Afghanistan. Afghan citizens expect a working cabinet that come into existence to undertake the functions of well planning and preparing a road map for economic development.
Since the peace talks have been stalled in Doha and Taliban increased their militancy campaign against Afghan nation that resulted to displacing of thousands of families in southern and norther province, it is of immense important that the Parliament, as an institution that enforcing law, should carefully listen to the nominee ministers’ programs and plans and take a wise decision while casting vote of confidence to them.
Since there are debates on republic and emirate systems in Doha peace talks, Afghan parliament should take firm steps and well-practice the democratic process of voting to the cabinet picks, so that the country’s enemies know that they are no longer able to disrupt such processes.
Afghan government shall then take strong steps in the areas of centralized economic planning, development and execution of development programs. The government would also design some projects, particularly projects for undeveloped provinces and marginalized communities, the promotion, management of industrial growth, meet the basic needs of citizens through the provision of social services, economic opportunities and social welfare programs. These all would be possible with a committed and qualified cabinet.

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