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People demand lasting end to war


By: Suraya Raiszada

Following the US and the Taliban representatives’ peace agreement for peace restoration in Afghanistan, the people of Afghanistan remained hopeful for a lasting end to the longest war in Afghanistan, as the Taliban commitment to the reduction of violence welcomed at the national and international level.
People in Ghazni, one of the country’s most violation battered southern provinces welcome the Taliban step to agree on reduction of violence in Afghanistan and said that the last longest wars have taken most of bread winners in the province.
They wanted a lasting peace and putting a durable end to war and violence in the country.
“We don’t want our children orphaned anymore, so the Taliban should observe a lasting ceasefire,” Ali Reza, a citizen of Ghazni city told The Kabul Times.
In the neighboring Ghor province, Nayem, a member of the civil society asked the Taliban to agree on a lasting truce too, after the end of reduction of violence week.
He welcomed the recent agreement on reduction of violence by the Taliban and called it an effective and positive step in the security of the country.
People in the southern Kandahar province, marked and welcomed the week of reduction of violence with dancing, with a resident of the insecurity troubled Spinboldak district denouncing war called for a lasting peace and security in the country.
“The interests of the people of Afghanistan is hidden in peace,” he said asking the Taliban to abandon war and bloodshed so that the people of Afghanistan don’t witness victimization of their dear ones anymore.
Elsewhere in Ghor province, where the people have also suffered much from continued wars and conflicts, Malangshah also asked both sides of war to observe ceasefire and let the people live peacefully.
He asked the Taliban to join peace process, prove their honesty for peace and bloodshed and work for the welfare of the Afghans.
Seeing in doubt the honesty of the Taliban group on peace talks, Saifuddin Sayes, head of Afghanistan civil society said the Taliban should use the available opportunity and say ‘no’ to war. He said the people of Afghanistan were fed up with long war and were waiting for implementation of the worrying sides’ commitment on peace and giving up to war and conflict.
Citizens in Urzugan, Nangarhar, Panjshir and other provinces are also hopeful for a lasting end of war and optimistic for their future, saying they don’t want war and violation anymore.
They also praised the country’s security and defense forces for fighting insurgency across the country and said that war was not a solution.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.