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Pentagon asks for ensuring security, stability in Afghanistan

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Recently, US department of defense presented a report to that country’s congress which said that they asked for ensuring stability and improving security situation in Afghanistan.
The report highlighted the political settlement and ending war in Afghanistan as a part to decrease insurgency threats in the region.
According to the report, withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan is part of the peace agreement and supporting intra-Afghani talks that can lead to peace agreement is among other issues pointed out in the report.
Likewise, the report mentioned that even if peace agreement is reached with Taliban, other extremist Taliban and Daesh group would surely be threat to the people and government of Afghanistan, US and its alliances.
The report allocated a special part to Afghanistan and Pakistan relations’ importance and called Pakistan steps positive towards ensuring stability in the country.
The report released while US and Taliban representatives have so far held seven meetings and both sides agreed upon a declaration in the last one.
US special envoy on Afghan peace Zalmay Khalilzad highlighted US forces pullout from Afghanistan, guarantees on counter-insurgency, intra-Afghani peace talks and ceasefire among the main points of his talks with Taliban representatives.
This comes as earlier, US secretary of state Mike Pompeo expressed hope on ending four decades of war in Afghanistan and stressed that US aims to end war in this country.
He added we are making effort to end US longest war in the history and to equally rescue US and Afghan citizens.
Experts believe that if the world superpowers want to ensure lasting peace in Afghanistan and protect their achievements made over the last eighteen years, should make effort to pressure Taliban supporting countries so they join peace process with the government.
A political expert Jawid Kohistani said that many countries have so far made effort to be involved in Afghan peace process, adding peace will be ensured in the country while the warring-sides accept the laws.
He added those groups that are not willing to negotiate should be decisively fought.
He clarified that experiences suggest that terrorist groups will join peace process while their supporters are pressured.
A number of analysts believe that insurgent groups are not only threatening Afghanistan but the entire regional and world countries as well. They added joint and honest fight is needed against terrorist groups so the US and its partners’ presence can be proven effective in Afghanistan.

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