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Peace talks should guarantee civilians’ protection

Taliban picture on 25 feb talks in Qattar

The Doha intra-Afghan dialogue which was attended by dozens of Afghan politicians, representatives of civil society, women right advocates and activists, traders, media advocate bodies as well as representatives of Taliban political office in Qatar, a number of foreign delegations and authorities from Qatar MoFA, was concluded on Monday evening with issuance of a resolution.
In the 5th article of the resolution emphasize has taken place on the civilians safety, as well as ensuring security of public utility installations, educational centers, religious places and it has been explained that both sides should guarantee that these centers would not be targeted and people’s life and properties would be safe. The warring factions would implement the measures for safeguarding and protection of people against war damages and reducing of their unpleasant consequences to minimal level and creation of better atmosphere of confidence for restoration of peace:
The measures agreed were unconditional release of old, handicapped and ill prisoners, guaranteeing security of all public utility installations including religious centers, hospitals, civilian educational centers, markets, water dams and work locations throughout the country, guaranteeing security of educational institutions, including schools, universities and other educational institutions.
Although it has been said that this resolution may not have executive guarantee because there is no guarantee that Taliban militants in areas under their control would be loyal to such an issue. As a testimony to this issue, prior to this, Taliban militants had attacked religious, educational and athletic centers or their adjacent areas and caused civilian casualties.
Only in current year, our people remember several cases that Taliban militants, conducted suicide attacks and explosions and caused death and injuries to hundreds of civilians.
During the last one and half month, UNAMA has two times accused Taliban insurgents in separate announcements that they have targeted, killed or injured civilians deliberately.
Approval of this resolution with the participation of Taliban senior representatives has created certain optimisms that Taliban concluded now that safety and protection of civilians life and properties should be considered as a serious humanitarian and human rights issue and they should be loyal to it and both sides should be concerned on damaging civilians. This issue could be a step forward that can create a proper atmosphere for minimizing of violence and causalities, establishing of a ceasefire and restoration of a reliable peace.
It also could be interpreted that Taliban have retreated from their past position on calling Afghanistan as a seat of war and now consider the Afghan people as Muslim and acknowledge and accept inviolability of their life and properties at least theoretically.
Taliban leadership should order and instruct their local commanders and militants to be committed to safety and security of civilians and protection of their life and properties.

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