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Peace talks should be led by Afghans

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The Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has been established on the basis of vote and determination of the people of Afghanistan.In fact, it bears all responsibilities related to reconciliation and representing the people of Afghanistanin all spheres.
Participation of millions of people in the election day and using of their votes, granted legality to the government of Afghanistan.Therefore, the country has the right of managing all issues belonging to politics, economy, social and cultural affairs and considering national interests, the country too can make necessary decisions and execute them and can establish relations with world nations.
Considering the legitimacy of the government, gained via people’s votes, the government adopts measures in connection with war imposed on Afghan people for legal defense and any lawful force against overt and covert hands of aliens and their proxy forces as well as against all terrorist forces that cause instability, killing our innocent people and damaging of our sacred homeland.
With correct comprehension of war and violence that stem from the outside determination against our national interests and promoted with the instruction of aliens since very days of beginning of peace negotiations, to end violence in the country, the government time and again demanded from armed opponents to join peace process and follow a political roadmap.
Likewise, the government of Afghanistan demanded from international institutions and all nations especially its partners to help Afghanistan in this connection.
All these mean that the government is the owner of all these issues and representing the people of Afghanistan has the right to monopoly the issues of defending of the country against all sorts of attacks and offensives on territory of Afghanistan.
Similarly, the government of Afghanistan has the right to reach to a result in peace negotiations with groupings and inner circles that based on any reasons are involving with it and is the only authorized and legal source for making decision and execution of it and representing from the people of Afghanistan to make decision in the connection and implement it.
Anyway, there are some expectations that every country of the world and region that are willing to help us in abovementioned issues, recognize this right and don’t ignore Afghanistan’s legal position and all efforts to be made in the connection and should be done based on the pivots of government of Afghanistan and share the issues with the latter.
Recently efforts made to organize peace negotiations with the initiation of Russia Federation and would be held next Friday in Moscow city and representatives of various world countries would attend in it.It is said that the representatives of Taliban groupings would also attend the meeting that is not exceptional from this order.
This meeting would discuss on ways of reaching to peace in the country and based on proclamation of incharges and authorities of government in Moscow, this meeting to be held for realization of peace in Afghanistan and won’t be held in the absence and lack of central and pivotal role of government of Afghanistan and also would not be reached into any result, because, as we mentioned the government of Afghanistan has the legal right on war and peace in the country and has pivotal and key role in peace negotiations.
Since long to date, the government of Afghanistan made effort for peace to be ensured in the country and to reach this goal and to shorten this way as well as reach soon to the result, it demanded from all countries especially neighbors to help it in the connection and make effort peace be maintained in the country.
Ignoring the role of government of Afghanistan and negotiation in its absence and ignorance from its central and pivotal role in the meetings causes any effort to be reached into a result and the problems not to be solved.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.