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Peace talks must fulfill people’s expectations

Mike Pompeo official photo

By: The Kabul Times

Two days before the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Kabul unexpectedly. Addressing media after his meeting with the Afghan president and other authorities, he said that hopes to have access to a peace agreement with Taliban in two months.
Explaining achievements in talks and possible agreement with Taliban on non-use of Afghanistan territory for terrorist purposes, he added, we hope to reach a peace agreement prior to September and our goal is also this.
These utterance could be encouraging and thus reaching peace in Afghanistan is possible and imminent. The agreement that the US Secretary of State has talked on it, could result in peace in Afghanistan. But this peace should be guarantor of expectations of Afghan people. The expected peace of the Afghan people enjoys certain specifications. This peace should be nationwide, permanent, reliable and ensure everlasting stability and security, not temporary and ensurer of interests of Afghanistan international partners only in a junction of time or meet expectations of certain countries.
The abovementioned expressions hint two important and correlated issues both of them stem from premature signing of peace agreement between the US and the Taliban that its possible consequences and results have attracted public opinions and mentalities.
First, the US for domestic consumption and exploitation in upcoming presidential elections would hurry for premature and uncalculated withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan and the second, to reduce the Afghan war expenditures, tries to sign a quick agreement as soon as possible.
Beside that, certain concerns have influenced in public opinions and mentalities in regional countries that some of them are traditional supporters of terrorists including Taliban and are expecting such an opportunity that with signing of a premature agreement with Taliban, the US leave Afghanistan and pave the way for them to exploit it and try to enthrone their goals. In one hand and remobilize these countries and concerned circles of Taliban, penetrate them into the game and battlefield under a different title including ISIL and taking advantage of the vacuum due to absence of US-NATO troops organize another war and violence in a different form and for an unlimited time.
All those issues and concerns should be taken into account and avoid hasty and premature peace agreement for withdrawal of US-NATO forces, find reasonable solutions and adopt preventive measures. The next important issue is the legal position of the Afghan government in peace talks process. As the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that neither foreign countries, groups, political circles and factions could bridge the gap of the Afghan government in peace talks process nor peace talks without presence of the Afghan government under any title or name could produce practical, acceptable results. 

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