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Peace & stability in Afghanistan need regional cooperation, experts

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As peace efforts are underway in national and international levels, a number of presidential candidates and experts stress on honestly cooperation and consensus of regional countries for bringing peace and stability in the country.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, who has also registered as presidential candidate, is seriously insisting on his position regarding peace in the country. “It is necessary that the goal of lasting peace in the country should be approved by the people and peace should be followed clearly and within the will of the nation,” President Ghani said.
Mohammad HanifAtmar, former national security advisor and currently presidential candidate of the coming presidential elections, said he would make use of all possible means for maintaining peace in the country, stressing that they wanted intra-Afghan dialogue to reach peace and stability in the country.
Meanwhile, another presidential candidate and head of Ahmad Shah Masoud Foundation Ahmad WaliMasoud has informed of a comprehensive program for bringing peace in the country.
GulbuddinHekmatyar, leader of Hezb-e-Islami and candidate of upcoming presidential elections, said unfortunately peace still has not been maintained in Afghanistan despite of continued efforts, stressing that Taliban were asked to participate in upcoming presidential election.
All presidential candidates have various visions and programs for maintaining peace in the country. Their visions regarding peace have come at a time when regional consensus has been made in connection with maintaining peace in Afghanistan as all regional countries are insisting on the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process.
Meanwhile, a number of Afghan political experts say all sides involved in Afghanistan issues should make use of all possible means to convince the Taliban group to hold direct peace talks with Afghanistan government.
“All world and regional countries know that no peace efforts will give results as long as direct peace talks not take place between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group,” an Afghan political expert on regional affairs Amin Khpalwak said, stressing that Taliban should enter direct peace talks with Afghanistan government as peace talks with others will not give any positive results at all.
Khapalwak further said that Taliban could not reach their goals through killing Afghans, adding that the only way to reach their goals, they should choose to hold direct talks with Afghanistan government as continued war in the country had no Islamic or religious legitimacy.
Jamal Farahmand, another political expert, believes no processes can find solution for continued war in the country if followed without presence of Afghanistan government; therefore, serious efforts should be made that the process should be led and owned by Afghans.
Recent peace efforts have increased hopes among Afghans who believe that efforts which are underway in national and international levels will finally help bring peace in the country.

Suraya Raiszada

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