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Peace requires genuine commitments in Afghanistan

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Efforts have been underway to put pressures on the Taliban leadership to show greater flexibility in negotiations with the Afghan government and the United States. It has been insistent that the Taliban agree to a ceasefire to create a favorable environment for talks and also engage with the Afghan government. In these endeavors, there has been partial progress, according to US officials.
Meanwhile, the US has been pressing the Taliban for an unequivocal commitment that no space would be provided to the al Qaeda and other terrorist networks in Afghanistan. The Taliban would have no objection in committing to this undertaking for that would also undermine their authority. 
Indeed, peace will come to fruition in Afghanistan if the effective factors are committed to their human responsibilities. It is an unmistakable fact that there will be no peace unless the lofty ambition for peace and its fruit are pursued persistently. Therefore, the real perspectives on effective factors and elements of peace needed to be evaluated to gain an outlook for peace.
The anti-government armed militants, which are counted the main issue for war and peace across the country, are the deciding factor in making peace. In addition to having destructive power, the Taliban and their ilk own considerable social, religious and ethnic bases in the country which have created the core of war and peace in Afghanistan. Hence, reading and evaluating peace in the minds and deeds of such groups will be the basic needs for creating peace in the country. This will further unravel the grounds and tactic for peace and enlighten the outlook for peace and stability in the country.
The political backgrounds, ideological and intellectual status and practical approach of warring parties have unfolded the fact that warring parties have never revealed their tendency towards peace. So, the plan for peace shouldn’t be just an agreement between the two sides, but also be in accordance with their background. The group’s financial restrictions should be imposed on regional and international backers of these parties and their war machine is to be undermined and their leadership should be abolished so that the warring parties yield to peace talks. Otherwise, peace will be no more than an empty slogan which will pave the way for big political and economic game and some countries would utilize the opportunity for their own interest.
As per the President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s remarks, there is much confusion in some countries, in particulate in Pakistan’s foreign and security policy and its demands and objectives remain a mystery. The neighboring country still providing shelter for Taliban leaders and their families, therefore, there is no sense of hope for peace and stability, unless Pakistan show true and honest commitment in this regard,
There would be peace in the war-torn country, if Afghanistan neighbors, particularly Pakistan and Iran focus on peaceful approaches, rather than strategy of war. The peace agenda needs to be designed and the US needs to urge Pakistan to pursue peace and stability with genuine intention.
No doubt, if Afghan neighbors’ policy would be based on “the principle of peace”, hope and desire for peace will be revived. However, if peace is pursued on “the principle of war”, the ambition for peace will not come to fruition despite more operations being conducted against the militants in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.