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Peace process requires cooperation, not rivalries

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United States’ Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad could visit Moscow in early December to discuss bringing a durable peace to Afghanistan. Khalilzad is currently traveling to Afghanistan, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar with an interagency delegation.
Special Representative of the Russian President for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov during a press conference on Tuesday said Khalilzad suggested the beginning of December for the Moscow trip.”It’s a fact that representatives of the opposing sides were in the same room and were ready to talk to each other, which is the first step towards full-length talks in Afghanistan,” Kabulov said.
Collective efforts of regional countries to bring peace in Afghanistan and in fight against terrorism is crucial, as peace and terrorism remain the biggest “collective” challenge in the region and as a frontline state Afghanistan bears the bulk of the burden in the fight against terrorism and extremism.
Afghanistan is working with all involved nations including Pakistan, Russia, and other countries to eliminate the infrastructure and breeding grounds that help fund, recruit, train and deploy the human power and logistics to destabilize Afghanistan and the region as a whole. The number of losses and casualties in Afghanistan speak for themselves. The presence of safe havens and co-networks supported through drug trafficking were essential and played the role of backbone for terrorist organizations.
The National Unity Government continued to appeal Afghanistan’s regional friends by stressing that fighting terrorism, extremism and separatism will require collective efforts that needs close cooperation and coordination.
Multinational regional meetings on peace in Afghanistan is indeed a bold step towards reconciliation in the country, but the National Unity Government in Afghanistan continues to promote an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation agenda and the countries in the region should respect such vision.
Moscow’s recent efforts to bring peace in Afghanistan can be useful when they are well defined and are held in harmony with efforts by Afghan government. Recent peacemaking efforts must meet Afghanistan’s needs, which include initiating negotiations, achieving a political solution, and ultimately peace, and then maintaining that peace.
The protracted crisis imposed on Afghanistan has led to irreplaceable harm in the region too. Currently, the regional and global countries are exposed to a strong threat, political violence, terrorism, separatism and fundamentalism. To put an end to the threats, the regional and global countries need to build a peaceful Afghanistan and take high step in this respect.
The world major powers, including US and Russia should put aside their rivalries and join hand to establish peace in the country. Their rivalries have already devastated Syria and led to record level of civilians’ casualties and their migration to other countries.
Security in Afghanistan, which is considered the heart of Asia, will cultivate regional confidence, extend business, reinforce bond and pave the way for development in the Asia. Therefore, Afghanistan’s objective of creating inspiration for regional and global cooperation regarding peace should be welcomed and the regional countries and world major powers should help support the goal, rather to take advantage of the peace process for their own political wills.

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