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Peace process going on despite Taliban denial

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Although peace talks were rejected by Taliban, it doesn’t mean that peace talks have been stopped but this process is going on and peace will be ensured certainly.
Peace and stability is the basic wish and hope of war-hit Afghan people that unfortunately every time it has been disturbing by regional spiteful countries particularly Pakistan in close collusion with a number of domestic mafia circles.
The Afghan muslim people and government are hopeful and believed that ultimately peace would be restored.
The Afghan authorities had declared a ceasefire with Taliban from June 12 to 30th, 2018 that indicated that Taliban are strongly thirsty and fond of peace and during Eid days Taliban militants and ANSDF soldiers and officers embraced and congratulated Eid to each other.
Regrettably, the domestic and external enemies of Afghanistan see their goals in war and conflict but such a day would advent in which a dignified and reliable peace would be restored.
Here our main discussion is on the peace talks with Taliban and not only the Afghan administration is ready but the US president Donald Trump has also said that talks are underway with Taliban and has ordered his diplomats and employees of US embassies to contact with the Taliban so way would be paved for peace in Afghanistan.
In his interview with The Radio Liberty on July 16.2018 president Ghani said, the Taliban militants would accept peace negotiations with the Afghan government and the ceasefire proved that Taliban hope to obey peace process because the issues of difference have been removed and rejecting of peace suggestions doesn’t mean that peace talks have been stopped, peace talks are going on and ultimately it would be agreed and achieved.
President added, if peace talks are not continued with Taliban, the ISIL insurgents would be exploiting Taliban resources. Although this inauspicious phenomenon has reduced but it is still being supported from outside.
“The president went on to say, my commitment with my countrymen is this that elimination of ISIL is urgently needed and then we would resolve our own internal issues”.
In our opinion, the peace talks with Taliban would be successful whenever the Afghan government under take the innovation and initiative of peace talks as it had already said that peace talks with Taliban is only and only in the competence and authority of the Afghan government and no external and foreign side would be allowed to interfere or intervene in this issue.
The talks would be completely intra-Afghani and convincing to all parties particularly the Taliban that in this way not only the current proxy war that has been inflicted on us by regional powers specially Pakistan would be ended but also a historical and decisive step would be taken for a nationwide, eternal and reliable peace.
Naser Shah Sarhadi

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