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Peace process; aperture of hope & opportunities for Afghan women, Minister Safi


By: Suraya Raiszada

As efforts are underway for maintaining peace and stability and hopes have increased in this regard, Afghan women consider the ongoing peace process as an opportunity for the women in the country.
Nevertheless, there are still concerns over dealing on achievements of the country’s women who never want to go to the dark decade of 90s.
In connection with developments and achievements of Afghanistan women in all fields in particular peace process and increasing concerns of women in talks with the Taliban group, acting minister of information and culture Hasina Safi in an inclusive interview with The Kabul Times correspondent said Afghan women should not worry as the current government would never deal on women’s rights in talks with the Taliban group.
“We all know that today Afghan women do not want others to talk on behalf of the women in peace talks with the Taliban but they themselves want to participate in the talks,” Safi said, adding that fortunately today Afghan women have all the capabilities to raise their voice on behalf of other women for their rights in talks with the Taliban group.
Acting minister of information and culture assured the women of Afghanistan that they would focus on key issues in ongoing peace process as Afghan women with all capabilities they have could lead their issues and want to be involved in all-peace related processes until reaching agreement with the group.
Pointing to signing the peace agreement between the Taliban group and US in Doha, acting minister of information and culture said the US has signed the agreement for itself, but by starting the intra-Afghan dialogue between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group, Afghan women have the ability to represent the women in all processes of peace and not let others decide on destiny and future of Afghan women.
“I consider signing the peace agreement between the US and Taliban as aperture of hope and opportunity for Afghan women as Afghan women are monitoring all stages of peace; therefore, Afghan women should take part in coordination of peace talks,” Safi said, adding that there is no a responsible government supporting Afghan women in all government fields; therefore, it is an opportunity for women to make use of their talent and capabilities to create a coordinating mechanism so that they can make use of experiences of each other.
Pointing to role of Afghan women in government, acting minister of information and culture said the current government of Afghanistan was going forward to effectiveness and meaningful participation of women in all fields as women were leading their issues in all levels.
Related to achievements of women and challenges facing women at the ministry of information and culture, Hasina Safi said based on a meeting held 18 months ago, a mechanism was introduced for the first time for the women at the ministry to increase active presence of women in all committees and commissions created and represented by the MoIC.
“You know that last year based on item 24 of the ministry of foreign affairs index, a expertise group of legal women was opened based on which women having the membership of this group will coordinate their works for action plan 2025 of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, in both anti discrimination and torture commission and anti violence against women commission, we have done lots of works considered as achievement of all women,” Safi added. Pointing to other works followed by the MoIC for women, acting minister of information and culture informed of addressing to issues of women and creation of kindergartens within directorates of the MoIC so that mothers could benefit better services, enumerating other works such as coordination and analyzing the situation of 700 female journalists in 34 provinces of the country, balanced concessions for women and creation coordination between women’s activities.
Acting minister of information and culture further said that today’s Afghan women were aware of what is happening in the community as political, economic and social issues, which was showing that Afghan women could analyze all issues. At of her interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, acting minister of information and culture said that with joint and coordinated work, they were working to make use of their capability for the improvement of women situation in the country.

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