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Peace possible under republicanism


Finally peace meeting held in Doha the capital of Arab country of Qatar.
Representatives from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban group gathered under a single peace and brotherhood umbrella.
Friendly countries including the United Kingdom (UK), European Union (EU) and NATO through their representatives and embassies have welcomed the start of the historic direct Afghan peace negotiation. They called the talks ‘as an opportunity for all sides to work together for the establishment of sustainable peace in their country.’
“The start of the negotiations was an historic opportunity for all sides to come together and deliver the inclusive, sustainable peace that the Afghans wanted and deserved,” said Kabul based UK embassy.
On the other, Chairman of the country’s High National Reconciliation Council (HNRC), Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, while addressing the peace meeting in Doha of Qatari capital, said: “Durable peace would be established in the country, if all stakeholders sincerely joined hands to achieve the goal.”
The HNRC chairman hoped the peace meeting could end what he said four decades of war, horror and grievances.
This should be noted that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan convened the Consultative Loya Jirga, evolved a national and regional consensus, inaugurated of national peace conference and issued religious fatwas, the most important ways to lead to peace and stability of the country.
Also the constitution of the country, which was firmed up with an overwhelming majority of the Emergency Loya Jirga members vote requires existence and continuation of the Islamic Republic system and no other system would be tolerable by the people of Afghanistan.
The war suffered Afghans including civil society, youths, men and women don’t accept except a system under which all their rights were secured.
Also, the Taliban should have realized that the ongoing war had no winner so they have no choice except bowing to national reconciliation and working for sustainable peace in the country.
The people of Afghanistan have suffered much during the past several decades of war and unrest and have bitter experiences of war. So, this is the religious and national responsibility of all sides of conflict including the government and the Taliban to honestly endeavor for peace as they have now sent their negotiating teams to Doha of Qatar.
Transitional government, with the availability of the legal and elected system, shouldn’t be negotiated, as the people of Afghanistan have tolerated much to elect the system and see all their rights and interests are secured.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.