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Peace; pivot of Khalilzad-Kabelov talks in Turkey

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US-Russia Special Envoys on Afghan Peace Process Zalmay Khalilzad and Zamir Kabelov met in Turkey on Friday to discuss peace process. In this meeting both sides agreed on certain issues which according to their opinion are important for progress of Afghan process. This was the second meeting of these two senior US-Russian diplomats on Afghan peace process and ending the 40 years long war in this country. Both sides had met on Dec 7.2018 in Moscow.
Khalilzad said that he has agreed with his Russian counterpart that in order to advance Afghan peace process, a single and inclusive negotiating delegation should be formed to talk with Taliban. According to this agreement, the delegation should be consisted of government and other parties representatives.
In this meeting both sides emphasized that inclusive intra-Afghani talks are essential for advance of peace efforts.
Both US and Russian special envoys talked on current obstacles ahead of visits of Taliban members of negotiating delegations.
At present some of the members of Taliban delegation are not allowed to travel to other countries due to being included in the black list of UN and US State Department.
A meeting which was expected to take place on Monday 18 of Feb in Islamabad between Taliban delegation and PM of Pakistan was dissolved due to being included of some members of Taliban delegation in UN and US State Department black list, recently.
Afghanistan had already complained to UN on the visit of Taliban negotiation delegation to Islamabad.
During Turkey meeting, the US and Russian special envoys had agreed that certain options on removal of these restrictions should be assessed, so the Taliban members of delegation be allowed to attend the next peace talks meetings.
The knowhow of possible peace agreements between the Afghan government and Taliban was also discussed in Turkey meeting. Both sides agreed that every final peace agreement should guarantee that Afghanistan soil would not be used by international terrorists for attacks on other countries.
Prior to this, in their meeting with US special envoy, the Taliban had said that in case of withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, they would cease ties with Al-qaeda and would not allow other countries to be threatened via Afghanistan. Both US and Russian envoys have agreed on a framework to coordinate international peace efforts on Afghanistan as well as preventing of possible disturbance of those efforts, but US special envoy has provided no details on this framework. The US special envoy has so far four times met officially with Taliban delegation on Afghanistan peace process and is expected to meet them for the 5th times on Feb 26 in Qatar.

Suraya Raiszada

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