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Peace, our nation’s old dream

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By: Qarizada

Simultaneous with the advent of spring and the New Year, hopes of people to reach a reliable peace also increase. People take the 1399 solar year as a good omen and hope that due to signing of US-Taliban agreement a sustainable peace and permanent ceasefire will be restored in Afghanistan and the new year will be started with a world of hope and good wishes and void of violence and war.

a 2Nasir Ahmad an employee the New of Kabul Bank branch in 3rd Microrayon said, our hope in 1399 new year is restoration of a reliable nationwide peace in the country, and the youth both boys and girls would benefit equal rights and opportunities in society because they are future builders and the government should make further investment on them. Their ignoring or would result a big damage in our society. Investment on the young generation produces a progressive society.
The only hope of youth is national reconciliation, a strong administration without trible, ethnic and religious discrimination.

He added, we ask our political rulers and leaders to give up tensions and make a reasonable decision on our nation and land.
We hope our leaders would listen to our innocent voice and rescue us from current chaotic situation. Large number of our youth are unemployed and leave their homeland for other territories to find a job and provide a livelihood to their hungry families.
Sayed Hejratullah Sadat, chief of Services and Training at the MoIC youth deputy minister office said, as a youth I hope the next year would be a good and happy year to Pan Afghan people, a year sans war, violence, explosion and suicide attacks, because all the people are thirsty of peace and reconciliation and fed up with war and casualties, beside that people are strongly concerned for coronavirus outbreak this potentially fatal threat to Afghanistan and the world. We expected the government to pave the way of work opportunities to young generation and enable the youth to join hands and unitedly rebuild their ruined homeland and don’t let the enemies to make our ruined and injured homeland battlefield and our brave people to migrate to alien’s territories once again. We want to live in a nationwide permanent peace.
Atefa Ahmadi a student of Faculty of Laws and Political Sciences, Nangarhar University and a civil activist, commenting on the new year and spring, said, we see the new year and spring as a glad tiding to bright future of the young generation. People are optimist that peace will be prevailing and young and old wish peace.

She added, in peace our youth can study and be educated. Omed Salam a jeweler in 3rd Microrayon talking on the new year and spring festival said, Nowroz festival is a traditional and historical occasion which has been celebrated since old times in central Asia, Afghanistan, Iran Turkey, this year due to coronavirus outbreak, this event will be celebrated among families. We hope next year will be a peaceful and secure year and our people would be witnessing a permanent ceasefire.
Since a while, peace efforts have been intensified and we expect the old dream of our people will be materialized in 1399.

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