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Peace not a slogan, but everyone’s right


The world peace day celebrated across the world at the time that the humanity is still suffering from problems and hardships caused by adventurous and unwise policies of powerful and totalitarian countries.
Today peace is a lost word or term for Afghan, Syrian, Iraqi and some other people across the world. The countries, whose people are burning in the flames of rivalries and hatred of big powers, enjoy peace and stability only in their dreams.
The word of peace, for Afghan people who have expired more than forty years of their live-in violence and war is an ideal word and eagerly waiting for its restoration, but violence and war still taking victims from of suffering people.
Armed violence and problems in Afghanistan have their roots abroad and certain countries have changed Afghanistan in to the battlefront of their secret wars, choking the throats of Afghan people taken the idea of peace hostage for their political games while Afghans scarify every day for restoration of peace and security in to their country.
If we precisely look at the events of the last forty years, we will find out that the world and regional powers involved in problem of Afghanistan have so far used the word of peace as a slogan and continue their rivalries in this war-torn country to achieve their objectives.
Addressing the Afghan people, we say that it is an irrefutable fact that the current violence in their country deeply rooted abroad and knew that their country has changed in to the battle field of proxy war launched by other countries, then why our people accept this imposed horrible situation while we know about peace from the verses of Holy Quran. Therefore, we should disseminate peace as a culture in the community, understand the demands of aliens and take firm steps for ending the violence and interferences of foreign countries in domestic affairs of our country.
Peace is not an easy subject to be discussed; it is a process that should be followed with patient.
Likewise, the authorities of state, politicians, critics of the state, even opposition groups who cry the slogan of peace should know that hitting this target needs true action and that peace is not just a slogan but is the right of every man that should be honored and observed and act with high responsibility for its restoration.
Abdul Khalil Menawi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.