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‘Peace Jirga representatives shouldn’t be those speaking against democracy, achievements’

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KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the first leadership meeting of the Reconciliation High Council, with a number of political parties, jihadi leaders, youths, civil society activists, women representatives, representatives from the private sector and the judicial force said that he was proud to speak about peace and security in the country, a statement from the Presidential Palace said Sunday.
“This is the matter of pleasure and great honor that the leaders of government, political and jihadi parties, out of the government framework and representatives from other social organizations, together with the nation have come to speak about peace under the umbrella of the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,” said the statement quoting the country’s president.
The president added that the representatives would speak about the composition of the negotiating team at the meeting, according to the statement.
He once again thanked the participants for joining the meeting and hoped the move could result in a sustainable peace and security and end to a bloodshed, the statement added.
The president asked for the appointment of eligible representatives to attend peace meeting and avoiding the selection of those standing against the last 18 years of achievements and speaking against the system and democracy, said the statement.
This should also make sure that the negotiating team should take in mind the current realities to represent women, youth, civil society and other prominent personalities of the country.
The main agenda of the meeting, the president said was to asses two issues; one about the appointment the negotiating team and the second about the agenda and participants of the proposed Qatar peace conference which is expected to be held about Afghanistan in Doha.
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