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Peace in Afghanistan requires sincere int’l, regional support

Clerics say peace only solution of Afghan conflict

In last four decades, Afghanistan has been facing domestic and international terrorism which left millions of deaths, disabled, orphaned and widows in the country. Given the nature of their successive attacks in Afghanistan, they have no commitment to any Islamic or humanitarian values.
Addressing the second Regional Security Dialogue summit of the national security advisors in Iran’s capital Tehran on Wednesday, National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib said terrorism, extremism, drugs and non-state actors threatened regional stability.
According to NSA Mohib, Afghanistan defense and security forces were not only fighting for peace and stability in their country but for the stability of the entire region. He said supporting Afghan country’s security forces was the only way to restore peace and stability in Afghanistan and peace and stability in the war-torn country meant peace and stability in the region.
NSA said doing away with international terrorism in Afghanistan was not possible without finding solution to the question of Taliban. He said the Taliban paved the ground for other terrorist groups to operate in Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, Iran’s Secretary of Supreme National Security Council told the gathering that any move taken against Afghan government is aimed at strengthening terrorist groups. “Any kind of move taken against the legitimate government of Afghanistan is aimed at strengthening terrorist groups and serves the illegitimate interests of the United States.”
Afghanistan’s approach to counterterrorism is a comprehensive one. As the prime victim of terrorism, the country fights various terrorist groups in the battlefield, including those coming from outside. Afghanistan has long been engaged in fight against narcotics, with a special focus to prevent the Taliban and other affiliate groups, from the illicit drug proceeds that financing their militancy campaign in the country.
To ensure success in war on terror, it is needed that all the regional countries support the legitimate Afghan government’s moves and decision and its roadmap for peace and stability. Meanwhile it is needed that these countries take more cohesive & unified regional approach. The Afghanistan neighbors can play an effective & strong role to confront the nexus of transnational criminal activities.
The inflow of resources that finance and support the terrorist activities, such as trafficking of weapons and chemical precursors do arrive from outside of Afghanistan, requires a sincere and serious regional comprehensive approach in combating the menace. 
Afghanistan has remained a committed partner in this imperative, and its efforts & genuine fight against global terrorism need to be recognized. Afghan people and government are committed to fight for the sake of security and stability in the country, in the region and beyond.
Therefore, Terrorist acts confronted by a state cannot be eliminated by the affected states alone because of the international linkages of the terrorist groups. It is, therefore, clear that all the nations must form a common front to fight terrorism.
If the much-needed spirit of international cooperation in the required degree is not properly established, the world would become a dangerous place to live.

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