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Peace in Afghanistan in interest of entire region


Amid growing calls for an end to the ongoing war in Afghanistan, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani is looking for a political solution to the conflict.

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asia, Alice Wells, who was in Kabul for an official visit says Taliban leaders who aren’t residing in Afghanistan, are the obstacle to a negotiated political settlement. Wells went on saying that regional support was key to stability in the war-torn country.

President Ghani successfully negotiated a ceasefire for the Eid al-Fitr holiday, the most important religious holidays, for Muslims worldwide. It was the Taliban’s first-ever agreement to any ceasefire since the 2001 start of the war in Afghanistan.

The ceasefire lasted longer than three days and was “98 percent successful.” Media reports say Afghans across the country, both military and civilian, were “jubilant.” Afghan government forces and Taliban fighters alike hugged each other and took selfies together in scenes reminiscent of the “Christmas Truce” of World War I, during which German and British troops spontaneously left the trenches to celebrate Christmas together in peace.

Considering the geopolitical position of Afghanistan, it is very difficult to reach a durable peace in the country without involving different regional, cross-regional and international partners in the peace process; to this end, the Afghan government shall be determined to lead the peace process and engage the region considering the multiple dimensions of the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan; because the main causes of conflicts lie in the Afghan society, armed groups, neighboring and regional countries and world actors.

Therefore, peacebuilding in Afghanistan, calls for an inclusive peace vision that ensures the conflicting interests of all players. At the national level, the government shall take all the necessary measure to improve good governance in order to distribute all the resources and opportunities equally among the Afghan citizens and it shall quell the concerns of all Afghans, including the minority groups and women in the peace process as well.

Peace is indispensable in today’s world, and since, the international politics is inclining towards power play and the use of military dominance, the slogans of peace must be further strengthened. For the developing and under-developed countries peace is a prerequisite for other sorts of development. Without sustainable peace, thinking of prosperity is nothing more than a figment of one’s imagination. With peace, a society would be on the track of a healthy evolution and it would be able to concentrate on many other issues that are hurdle in the way to bliss and contentment.

As the history of Afghanistan in general and current conflicts in Afghanistan in specific show, it has the potential to either stabilize or destabilize the whole region and the other countries including the United Sates and the European countries.

Different partners of Afghanistan have two options; either to support Afghanistan to overcome the current conflicts to ensure a stable region; or not to support Afghanistan and thus put the region at the verge of conflict and instability.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.