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Peace getting nearer, despite still ongoing violence

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Afghanistan and its international partners are working hard to put an end to the 17-year long conflict and restore peace and security in the war-battered nation, despite spotted violence going on in some parts of the country.
According to a Kabul based UN official, new hopes were rising for peace and security in Afghanistan.
“There are new-found opportunities and well-founded hopes for peace in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has a better chance of finding peace than it had for many years,” UN resident coordinator Toby Lanzer told reporters in Geneva on Friday.
Lanzer who is the top UN humanitarian official in the country said there was more coordination in international peace efforts and willingness to include all parties and there are new-found opportunities in Afghanistan and there are very well founded hopes for peace.
“It sounds like a paradox but there are better opportunities today than there have been in many years for Afghanistan to be at peace with itself and with its key neighbors,” he added.
Although, brutal attacks and violence are still going on by the Taliban, resulting in the death of thousands of innocent people and displacement of hundreds of households, but the public minds of the Afghans have now reached this consensus that peace is getting nearer and would soon or late, restore in the country, with the help of those real Afghans who have realized the vicious plots of the malicious circles fueling war in Afghanistan and recently planned to join the process.
This is because, all Afghans including the Taliban are tired of so long meaningless and imposed war in their country, on one side and on the other, more coordination have now come amongst the international community and those stakeholders in Afghanistan war.
As the top UN representative believed discussions were going on and would continue in the coming days, weeks or even months as according to him, more coordination amongst the international community witnessed than in recent times.
If there was more openness and honesty in certain sectors of the international community to make sure that everyone is part of the talks, then there is no doubt that peace comes to the country and the people of Afghanistan will not be killed and displaced anymore.
This is not only the opinion given by those of analysts or those of top politicians but also of the people of Afghanistan who passed decades of war and conflict, but achieved nothing except bloodshed, destruction, poverty and displacement, that peace would necessarily come to the country, if the real stakeholders come to gather with a joint honest plan in this respect.
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