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Peace efforts in vain as violence soaring up


Thousands of innocent people are killed or wounded after the start of peace talks between representatives of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban group.
Amid the people hope for peace negotiation success in Doha, war spread all over the country, taking large number of lives, including young generation, elders, men of culture, religious scholars, jihadi leaders and influential figures.
Militants also attacked the country’s politicians and those working for peace with gun and grenades in some parts of the country.
In a serious of latest militants’ bomb attacks in the country’s eastern Nangarhar and Laghman provinces, at least 30 people, mostly non-militaries were killed and scores others wounded.
The convoy of Laghman governor recently came under a suicide bombing, killing eight and wounding more than 30.
While all national and international stakeholders are working for an Afghan-led and Afghan owned peace process with the representatives of both the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban group, the militant contrary to all humane standards and Islamic teachings, continue killing innocent people.
A group of militants have also reportedly destroyed several kilometers of roads in the country’s southern zone, creating heavy transportation challenges for the people and the nearby residents, particularly those coming from rural areas.
So, what peace means and why the two sides’ representatives are spending times for a worthless negotiation, while innocents’ bloods are still being shed and thousands of the country’s offspring are being killed.
The Taliban group, if want peace talks get success, should renounce violence and honestly contribute to the process to get success.
Those circles inside and outside the country, should also realize the fact that time for war has ended and if they were seeking to help Taliban reach power through spreading violence, they have made a big mistakes. So they should encourage the group to precisely work for ending war and success of peace in the country.
The Taliban leadership should have also learnt from their past bitter experiences that they did nothing since the last more than 19 years of war, expect killing innocent Afghans, and reach the result that they have only the way of sincerely joining peace as a result of which they could reconstruct their country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.