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Peace cycling race in Daikundi

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The boys and girls cycling teams of Daikundi province have recently held race aimed at restoration of peace, said, the head of Daikundi provincial department of information and culture, Mohammad Hussein Seerat in an interview with The Kabul Times reporter added, sport could be one of the best ways for returning peace and stability to Afghanistan as the young generation particularly girls are enthusiast of it have made sincere efforts in this direction and this race was launched for this purpose. Beside that other goal behind this race was institutionalization of culture of sport particularly for females in our society. Ten girls and ten boys in each team had attended this one day peace cycling race for support of peace and stability as well as improvement of women role in sport activities in this province.
Seerat added that prizes were also set up in this race including gold medal for first winner, silver medal for second winner and cash prize for 3rd winner and as a result Hayatullah from boys team and Zaheda from girls team managed to achieve first position.
Talking on the current major challenges ahead of sport specially for girls, Seerat went on to say, traditions are the first major challenge particularly against females sport.
This race was organized by the provincial department of information and culture with the cooperation of Public Supports Department, Independent Directorate of Local Organs which was appreciated by audience.
Rahima Khawari one of the females cycle riders and participants said, sport is not alone an individual, private or entertainment action but it’s a social action too.
Today sport is considered as a school for restoration of a sustainable and reliable peace so we also staged this race for peace and stability.
Touching problems ahead of girls sport, Khawari said, traditional conception of society, lack of resources and supporters include these problems ahead and domestic and foreign donors specially Olympic Committee should focus attention on these problems specially in a remote province like Daikundi. But despite of that we are interested to attend not only domestic but also foreign competitions.
Karima Malikzada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.