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Peace Consultative Jirga to specify mechanism for peace in country

لویه جرگه

It is determined that Peace Consultative Jirga is going to be held in just few days in Kabul with participation of more than 2,500 representatives of people including government officials. It aims to consult on modality of peace with the Taliban group.
According to President Ghani’s Special Envoy for Peace and Head of High Peace Council Omar Daudzai, the forthcoming Peace Consultative Jirga will be the biggest jirgas in the history of Afghanistan.
“Ulamas, women, tribal elders, journalists, youth and political figures are among those who will participate in coming Peace Consultative Jirga and it is determined that 30 percent of its participants will be Afghan women,” Daudzai said.
Daudzai further said that the Jirga will debate on peace and roadmap for peace with the Taliban group.
“We’re going toward peace talks, but any talks require a framework and this Jirga will specify mechanism for reaching peace. Representatives of the people in the Jirga will consult regarding ways and mechanism for reaching peace and results of consultations will be delivered to the government,” Daudzai added, stressing that the Jirga will also specify redlines for peace talks with the Taliban group.
Meanwhile, a number of Afghan experts believe that Peace Consultative Jirga is a better option for reaching peace in the country. They suggest that the government should soundly manage the Jirga and get better results from consultations of representatives of the people as it is a significant opportunity for Afghan politicians to respect decisions of the Jirga so that we all reach lasting peace in the country.
Afghanistan constitution by recognizing Loya Jirga and allocating a chapter in the constitution has considerably heightened its importance and need. According to 110th article of the constitution, the Loya Jirga is the highest manifestation of the will of the people of Afghanistan.
In the past, nations and people gathered in a council or session to consult and debate on war and peace or resolve problems. In Afghanistan, Loya Jirga has been reportedly organized since at least 268 years ago. It is considered as the most significant and historic approach in which the people can select and decide on future of the country’s government system.
According to the country’s constitution, the Loya Jirga can be convened to decide on issues related to independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity as well as supreme national.
It is worth mentioning that the coming Consultative Loya Jirga is going to be held on April 29 as all preparations have been taken for holding the Jirga in Kabul.

Lailuma Noori

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