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Peace Consultative Jirga our priority, Govt.

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Following cancelation of Afghan government delegation trip to Doha, officials say that now, peace consultative Jirga is our priority.
After Afghan delegation meeting with Taliban representatives in Qatar, people views were expected to be taken in peace consultative Jirga, but now, as the session had been canceled, the government of Afghanistan says that Consultative Loya Jirga will hold on its due time.
This comes as the commission to hold peace consultative Jirga stresses that all preparations have been taken and the Jirga will hold on Saur 9 and continue for four days.
“We have taken all preparations and assure our people that the aim behind Jirga is not a campaign, but will be a campaign to restore peace in Afghanistan,” deputy to the commission Ziaul Haq Amarkhil said.
This is while that many provinces have selected their representatives to attend the Jirga.
Likewise, experts and elites believe that the Jirga will be constructive while the government’s opponents also attend in it and share their views with the people of Afghanistan.
“This is a clear fact that the people of Afghanistan refer to jirgas and loya jirgas to find a solution to their national problems, thus, holding loya Jirga will be effective if decisions taken to be practiced,” an elite in legal field Hashimi said.
He added the people of Afghanistan have been exhausted of war and they will welcome any move lead them to restoration of peace.
“If people’s will is acted in peace consultative Jirga and it manages properly, then, its consultation will be effective and it will follow with fruitful results, but if it is vise versa, it will also lose its value,” a political expert Amir Mohammad said.
He stressed much have so far been done to restore peace in the region and world, but no effort will follow with suitable results without insurgents’ presence and view.
High Peace Council (HPC) says that Afghanistan is not the country of 90th decade and no decision can be taken without Afghans’ views.
HPC added considering people representatives and other effective figures’ presence in peace consultative Jirga, decisions will be taken will have key effects on Taliban.
Recently, President Ghani said that flexibility would be considered in peace process.
Experts believe that peace consultative Jirga will be a key step to begin intra-Afghan peace talks. To protect women achievements and share their demands, women representatives should also attend the meeting so their role is not ignored in peace process, civil and women rights’ entities said.
Loya Jirga is a way to gain people’s views on key issues, as the people of Afghanistan have referred to jirgas and loya jirgas to find solution to their national problems since long.

Suraya Raiszada

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