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‘Peace appears close than ever before’

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The National Unity Government (NUG) has expressed positive overtures towards Taliban and has been exploring and pursuing several avenues to initiate talks with the group. The Taliban while consistently refusing to hold talks, have demanded withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan and amendments in the constitution.
Achieving national reconciliation and establishing peace with the Afghan Taliban is the central challenge, among others, for the government. Moreover, the ongoing Taliban’s offensive, the divided opinion within Taliban has underlined stark complexities in the process. The reluctance on the part of certain factions within the group to hold talks is making the possibility of the talks bleak.
However, with the developments such as holding of the Consultative Loya Jirga, US talks with Taliban in Qatar and regional efforts, still remains to be seen whether the Afghan Government will be able to make a breakthrough with the group and engage them in constructive talk.
Meanwhile, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on Monday for inclusive dialogue among Afghans, saying the Afghan people have never been so close to peace as today despite that uncertainties still exist in the war-torn nation.
“After years of war and turmoil in Afghanistan, peace has eventually become possible,” Wang told reporters after meeting with Tajikistan’s President Emomali Rahmon. As neighbors of Afghanistan, China and Tajikistan have coordinated stances on how to promote reconciliation and reconstruction in the country, Wang said.
“We hope the negotiation between the United States and the Taliban can lead to a deal that is conducive to the process and hope other multilateral mechanisms on the issue of Afghanistan can play positive roles for the process as well,” he noted. According to him China has never interfered in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, adding that China is willing to continue to play a constructive role for peace in Afghanistan and make contributions to its reconstruction.
Afghan government calls regional countries in general and China and Pakistan in particular to partner it with peace talks and counterinsurgency. Afghanistan will welcome regional support for being more effective and productive. Meanwhile there are around 20 international terrorists that not only threatening security and stability of Afghanistan, but the whole region too which require join counterefforts.
Afghan government has already emphasized on regional countries’ key role in the peace process and the country knows that neglecting the concerns of regional countries may give rise to misunderstandings and ambiguities among the neighboring countries and that cannot be helpful in acquiring lasting peace in the country.
Though Afghanistan has to keep its interests as top priority, neglecting different stakeholders and the regional countries in order to achieve quick fixes will not help solve the complex nature of the conflict in Afghanistan, but would rather intensify the war and insurgency in the country. The regional countries, including China and its allies required to further and honestly help the process as Afghans are in dire need of peace and stability.

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