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Patients complaining on poor-quality medicines in Kabul

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By: Shukria Kohistani

Selling low-quality medicines in some parts of the capital Kabul has seriously concerned the people. They ask the ministry of public health to step up in this regard as soon as possible.
A number of Kabul residents told The Kabul Times that the government particularly the ministry of public health should prevent selling low-quality medicines in the market, otherwise, it will endanger people’s live.
A Kabul resident Zakera says that she has got health problems and taken medicines several times, but no improve has been seen in her health condition.
Besides drug stores, there are many vendors in Pole-e-Kheshti area of Kabul city where expired and substandard medicines are being sold.
A number of Kabul residents say that there are a number of drug stores that sell date-expired medicines.
Another Kabul citizen Qasim says that majority of medicines in Afghanistan have poor-quality or they are date-expired. He added I have taken medicines many times, but have never seen their positive effects.
“My uncle is sick. He took medicines several times, but, didn’t get well. Thus, he had to go to Pakistan for treatment,” he went on to say.
He added the government should control the pharmacies, or this action will cause to endanger people’s live.
This is while a number of pharmacies in Kabul confirms that date-expired medicines are being sold in a number of drug stores.
Spokesperson to the public health ministry Wahidullah Mayar says that steps have been taken to prevent selling low-quality medicines.
He added there is no doubt that there are poor-quality medicines in the market, but we have established quality control laboratory now, as well as, to prevent such problems in other provinces, we have lied down the cornerstone of such laboratories in four provinces of Herat, Jalalabad, Paktia and Balkh and they will be utilized by the next year.
Over the last four years, activities of 900 medicines’ importers that were importing poor-quality medicines have been banned, he went on to say.
Experts on health affairs believe that existence of poor-quality medicines has caused the patients not to be treated properly and made them to refer to doctors several times.
This comes as poor-quality medicines and health services in Afghanistan have caused Afghans to go to foreign countries for treatment.
People ask the ministry of public health to provide standard health services in the country to prevent going people to abroad for treatment.

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