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Passible deterioration of pollution in spring season


By: Shukria Kohistani

Although due to heavy snowfalls and uninterruptible efforts of NEPA during winter on observing and shutting down of polluting sources, air pollution in capital city of Kabul had remarkably decreased but the NEPA officials say that deterioration of pollution is possible due to certain reasons in spring season.
Reporting on considerable reduction of air pollution particularly in Kabul, the head of information section of NEPA Sakhi Sakha said, heavy snowfalls in one hand and shutting down of polluting factors on the other have caused the pollution to be decreased remarkably except in limited areas.
Sakha added, about 500 polluting sources have been observed and 107 sources have been shutdown.
In his opinion, only smoke rising from garbage and expired cars are not factors of air pollution, but lack of green environment as well as dust due to unpaved roads are also factors that could cause air pollution in spring and summer.
According to him, right now work is seriously in progress on preventing of increasing air pollution and particularly in the wake of creation of Joint Observation Commission led by president Ghani including other relevant ministries coordination have increased and improved and hope that the volume of air pollution would not read once again to that extent to put capital Kabul at the top list of the polluted cities in the world.
Sakha went on to say, the NEPA has prepared spring plans and steps will be taking accordingly. This environmentalist adds that sapling plantation and development of green areas are among the most effective factors of reduction of air pollution and the NEPA is working on this vital issue in close cooperation of concerned bodies.
Calling overpopulation of capital Kabul as one of the reasons of air pollution, Sakha said that this situation is controllable in long term with urban development or preparing of new Kabul while in short term recognizing of polluting sources like factories, smoke producing vehicles, baths, high rise buildings and Brick Kilns could help reduction of air pollution.
He asked the people to cooperates with relevant government departments to create a clean and suitable environment and don’t jeopardize their families life for temporary interests.
In their conversations with The Kabul Times reporter, Kabul citizens welcomed recent steps of government and NEPA on preventing of air pollution, said that if in this connection the government and NEPA make further efforts for reduction of air pollution, probably we will witness clean and void of pollution air in spring.
Mujtaba a local citizen believes that more saplings should be planted because trees prevent air pollution.
The Kabul municipality has recently reported on planting of over 400000 saplings which could be a good news and glad tidining for us to breath clean air next year.
He added that this is a social responsibility of our people to make our environ further clear and it needs to join hands to achieve this goal.
Environmentalists believe that pollution is one of the urgent crisis for Kabul people beside other challenges.
According to data released by health centers, over thousands children die every year due to breathing of polluted air.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.