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Partial US aid cut to Afghanistan not to affect key government sectors

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a video message to the nation said that US announcement of reduction in aid to Afghanistan would not directly affect the key government sectors and they were trying to fill the gap, adding that the government would study all the aspects of budget to fill the vacuum.
Addressing the nation, the country’s President said that Afghanistan would try to satisfy US through negotiations, adding the US has not yet cut the aid rather made it conditional.
He termed talks with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as positive and thanked US for assistance in fighting coronavirus.
“Being a basic partner of Afghanistan, the US is well aware of the problems in the peace process and we continue consultations for the success of the this process,” President Ghani said, adding peace was the demand of each member of the Afghan nation and only those people were opposed to peace who were insisting on killings instead of ceasefire.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said he is ready to resolve political dispute with his rival Dr. Abdullah Abdullah but his demand is unconstitutional.
“I held talks with Dr. Abdullah yesterday as I had promised on the inauguration day, postponed the formation of new government for holding extensive consultations and wanted to give basic role to Dr. Abdullah in the peace process and to members of his team in the cabinet. However, he insisted on change in the constitution in a single night on the basis of our understanding,” the country’s president said.
He said Abdullah wanted a structure which is completely in violation of the constitution and he has no power to bring such changes to constitution on the demand of any individual or group.
President Ghani said that his doors were open for reasonable demand which would be not in violation of the constitution, adding according to the constitution, bringing amendment to the constitution was only the power of Loya Jirga.
He said he was committed to the formation of inclusive government and was sure that government formed on the basis of groups and areas failed in Afghanistan and they did not want to repeat failed experiences. He reiterated call to Taliban to say yes to the demand of ulema and declare ceasefire for the sake of getting the people rid of the coronavirus problem.
“If there emerges any disaster, Allah and the nation is witnessed that Taliban and their foreign supporters would be responsible for it,” he said.

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