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Pakistan’s role crucial in Afghan peace process

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The “war on terror” failed to bear the desired result and the military mission of the foreign forces was reduced to advisory role sinceDecember 2014 and the Afghan forces remained in first line of the combat against the insurgents.Despite of the sacrifices given in war on terror and establishing peace and stability in the country, the military action revealed not todiminish militancy in the country.
To mitigate insurgency, both Kabul and Washington sought to bring the Taliban to negotiating table via Islamabad, which was believed to carry much weight in this regard. Meanwhile, Pakistani officials promised to use their “leverage” with a view to persuade the Taliban outfit to hold negotiations with Afghan government.
Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and his delegation met with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in Kabul here yesterday, Presidential Palace said in a statement. The two sides discussed Afghanistan-Pakistan relations, bilateral issues, Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process and next steps after intra-Afghan talks, the statement said.
In this meeting, the importance of regional and world countries’ cooperation was highlighted in the peace process of Afghanistan and Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Qureshi said he had productive meetings with Afghan leaders on peace affairs.
“I’ve had productive meetings with the Afghan leadership. The peace process is making positive headway. Next stop is Iran. Regional connectivity and a collective outlook are essential for progress,” Qureshi tweeted.
The most important factor at this juncture of time is that Pakistan must pursue its commitments with true intentions. Without Pakistan’s sincere support, no peace would be achieved in the country and it has to understand that without combating the terrorism jointly it is impossible to defeat it in both countries as they share a lengthy and porous border.
As president Ghani’s words, Afghans are seeking a long-seated peace; peace between Afghanistan and Pakistan and peace among the government and armed opponents. There is an unexpected hostility between the two countries, an issue which our friends in Pakistan have also accepted, but in reaching to a prosperous future, it is neededtorenew efforts and joint cooperation, because militancy threats Afghanistan, Pakistan and the whole region.
It is also important that both the countries must leave behind the past and renew their efforts in this regard, as President Ghani says, “In order to reach to our future goals, we have to overcome the past. But going forward requires a movement and joint cooperation against the threats.”
Meanwhile, the regional stakeholders are of the belief that military deal will not tackle the unmitigated insurgency urging Pakistan to play its crucial role in Afghan peace process and push Taliban for talks with Afghan government.
Therefore, if the neighboring country willing to see peace and stability in Afghanistan, then it should push the group and for negotiations and shun those religious schools that training militants and suicide bombers.
There is no doubt in the fact that terrorism is now a regional and global problem and all the countries in the region and that of the world must support Afghanistan’s peace process, as it has been suffering the most from its loathsome consequences.

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