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Pakistani traders eyeing increasing trades with Central Asia via Afghanistan

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KABUL: The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) has pledged to increase trade with Afghanistan and Central Asian states, according to The Nation daily of Pakistan.
The Pakistani government should ensure consultation of the business community in formulating a new Pak-Afghan trade policy in line with modern requirements to enhance Pak-Afghan bilateral trade.
Afghanistan is using Pakistan’s route for transit trade. Similarly, Afghanistan should allow Pakistan to use its route for Central Asian states so that Pakistani exports can be increased and the ties of trade between Pakistan and Central Asian Republics could be further cemented, according to the paper.
These views were expressed by Shahid Hussain Shinwari, Convener of FPCCI Central Standing Committee on Trade Afghanistan and Central Asian States, while addressing the first meeting held at Regional Office Peshawar on Saturday.
Addressing the gathering, Convener Shahid Hussain Shinwari said that policies formulated years ago cannot work and that is why annual exports have fallen from less than 3 billion to less than 1 billion and the government needs time to formulate a new policy for Pak-Afghan trade and include the advice of stakeholder businessmen.
He said that due to lack of facilities in Pak-Afghan exports, Iran and India have a monopoly on the Afghan market and the main reason is that Pakistan is giving less facilities to its exporters. Give time to exporters as much as possible, Shahid Hussain said.
He demanded that Pak-Afghan Border Station Torkham be upgraded as soon as possible so that the problems faced by the exporters could be resolved, the paper quoted.
Convener FPCCI Standing Committee on Trade with Afghanistan and Central Asian Republics, Shahid Hussain Shinwari also commended launching of Rs. 3.8 billion interest free loans for the youth of the province and termed it a good initiative for ensuring opportunity to youth for standing up on their feet by running their small business.
Shahid Hussain Shinwari said youth in merged areas of the province has very meager means of resources and such schemes will prove a boon for them to start their own business or investment in agriculture land. He appreciated business friendly policies of the KP govt as the scheme target is to extend support to around 3500 businesses and benefit more than 10,500 families.
Convener FPCCI Standing Committee said country youth are full of talent and motivation, just they need a push and schemes like Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Program and KP govt interest free loan scheme would help them a lot to start up their professional careers.
Shahid Hussain Shinwari also praised Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Program under which more than 5000 plus businesses are given financial amounts up to Rs. 8b to start new businesses or expand the existing ones.
Such schemes, he said, will bring a revolution in the country by empowering thousands of youth including women in the country and also create hundreds of thousands of jobs, Shahid added. Shahid expressed the hope that schemes launched by present govt will reap benefits soon in shape of economic uplift of country’s youth besides expending more business activities as we need business and the govt should come up with more such business friendly schemes.

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