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Pakistan still a great hurdle before Afghan peace

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Afghanistan on Tuesday lodged a formal protest with Pakistan over Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s recent remarks with regards to the release of Taliban prisoners following the signing of US Taliban deal.
In a statement, the Afghan Foreign Ministry asked Islamabad to refrain from making “irresponsible statements” regarding the “internal affairs of Afghanistan”, saying they can lead to creating an environment of distrust and cannot be effective in enhancing the relationship between the two countries.
Indeed, this is not the first time that the neighboring country interfering in domestic affairs of Afghanistan, but Pakistan in the past too spared no efforts in destabilizing of Afghanistan through proxy wars and equipping of the anti-Afghan militants. Taliban has militarily and politically been widely supported by the neighboring country, even that the Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was also found and shot death in Pakistan.
The Afghan governments, from then and now, calling upon Pakistan to deliver its friendship hand with Afghanistan and give up support of the terrorists’ networks. The Government of Afghanistan believes that relying on policies of good-neighborliness, Pakistan needs to take practical steps towards enhancing bilateral ties in various areas and refrain from making irresponsible statements regarding the internal affairs of Afghanistan and supporting militants to achieve its vicious goals.
Instead of delivering irresponsible remarks and supporting of the terror networks, Pakistan should focus on its own internal affairs, where Pashtuns rights are totally violated in the neighboring country. The Pashtun ethnic minority in Pakistan has not only faced war and conflict for over seven decades but also military operations in the Pashtun majority areas, abductions, suicide blasts, targeting killings and drone strikes.
The international community and the Pakistani government itself, should prevent extermination efforts of Pakistan military establishment against the Pashtuns that are still going on. The number of deaths and missing persons is rising every day and if the UN and other human rights organizations do not take immediate action to stop this genocide, the Pashtuns will be annihilated by Islamabad’s harsh policies towards them.
Meanwhile, Taliban that have always acted as the proxy of the neighboring country, cannot neglect their masters’ orders to avoid destructive activities in Afghanistan. Because they know that if the refrain from doing such, their families that are now in safe havens, would be disturbed or attacked. The group’s political leader in Doha, could be the clear example, as he was arrested by Pakistan when tried to reach Afghan government for peace.
Afghans believe that there will be no peace in Afghanistan without Pakistan ensuring that terrorism doesn’t transpire from their territory. Afghans see Pakistan as the biggest hurdle before lasting peace in the war-torn country.
Therefore, if the neighboring country willing to see peace and stability in Afghanistan, then it should push its proxy, the Taliban, for negotiations and shun those religious schools that training militants and suicide bombers.
There is no doubt in fact that terrorism is now a regional and global problem and all the countries in the region and that of the world must support Afghanistan’s peace process, as it has been suffering the most from its loathsome consequences.

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