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Pakistan should push Taliban for peace talks

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Afghanistan’s peaceful future depends on an auspicious regional environment, with Pakistan at its core. Vice versa, an unstable Afghanistan will complicate Pakistan’s ability to refurbish its weak state and economy and suppress dangerous internal militancy.
Pakistan is under heavy pressures by the international community, especially after the US new strategy on Afghanistan and the South Asia that blames Islamabad for harboring extremist groups and not seriously working in combat terrorism.
On Thursday, US Central Command Commander Gen Joseph Votel asked Pakistan to use its influence over the Taliban in bringing them for peace talks.”This is the message the American leaders often pass on to Pakistan”, Votel told reporters at a Pentagon news conference, asking Islamabad to ensure Taliban leaders do not use their territory to issue instructions and give directions for terrorist activities across the border in Afghanistan
While Pakistan has been acting against certain terrorist groups, Votel said the assessment of the US was that they were still present in Pakistan.”As we often talk with the military leadership in Pakistan, we need them to continue to stay engaged in this. We need them to help lower the violence Afghanistan,” Votel said.
Pakistan has long been a difficult and disruptive neighbor, seeking leverage in Afghanistan, hoping to limit the so-called India’s influence there, and cultivating radical groups within Afghanistan as proxies. Afghan government has time and again rejected Pakistani officials’ claim, saying Afghans were only willing friendly ties with the neighboring countries, including that of India.
According to Vote,Pakistan instead of supporting the terror groups, should make it sure that no instructions, directions, other things from Taliban leadership reached their fighters on the ground in Afghanistan and the country needed to ensure that there could be no movement back and forth and that fighters could not come back into Pakistan to get aid or medical care or other things and pave the ground for peace in the region.
“Afghans were committed to securing their people as the country moved forward to conduct its first parliamentary elections in eight years later this month.The taste for peace and reconciliation remains strong following this summer’s cease-fire, and we continue to see local reconciliation initiatives around the country,” he said.
It is hoped that the precious lives and blood of our soldiers and people will not go in vain rather they will ensure peace and stability for the nation, if not now, in the future. Whenever negotiation is proved abortive, blood will be the only remedy to protect the rights and dignity of a nation. 
Meanwhile, the most important factor at the moment is that Pakistan must pursue its commitments with true intentions. It has to understand that without combating the terrorism jointly it is impossible to defeat it in both countries as they share a lengthy and porous border.
As per President Ghani, Afghanistan was seeking a long-seated peace; peace between the two countries and peace among the government and armed opponents, adding there is an unexpected hostility between Afghanistan and Pakistan, but joint efforts needed to reach a prosperous future. It is also important that both countries must leave behind the past and renew their efforts in this regard, as in order to reach to future goals, both countries have to overcome the past. Meanwhile going forward requires a movement and joint cooperation against the threats.

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