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Pakistan must not abuse irresponsible utterances of religious Ulema

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At present Pakistan is under strong economic pressure and China, Russia and Arabian countries who support it emphasize that Islamabad must give up support of extremist groups like Taliban.
China is strongly concerned on activities of extremist groups in Sink kyang province on Afghan-Pakistan borders that has caused Beijing to exert pressure on Islamabad to fight decisively the extremist groups in that country.
Pakistan tries to attract attention of donor countries including China at every cost. Some political analysts believe that Mavlana Sameulhaq might have been victimized by new regional changes. Because Islamabad wants to assure its friendly countries that Islamabad no longer support extremist groups like Taliban so to manage to bridge the gap stems from Donald Trump strategy.
But following killing of Taliban spiritual leader Sameulhaq who was one of their consultatives, supporting and legitimacy bases, how their activities would be advancing in Afghanistan.
Whether his terror could reduce or weaken Taliban activities or probably they would become ready to talk the Afghan government?
Nowadays peace talks with Taliban have been harder then the past. Mavlana Samayulhaq had very important and key role for Afghan Taliban and militants attached high respect for him.
But it seem that Pakistan Spay Agency doesn’t want to waste time and further tries to provoke religious and regional sensitivities and despite of Sameulhaq assassination private aspects, exploit it for political purposes.
Addressing Pakistani media, chairman of Pakistan Ulema Council Mullah Taher Ashrafi said that after Samayulhaq killing Afghanistan Jihad would not be ended with Sameulhaq killing but his blood would make stronger this jihad to that extent that no wrong would remain there.
Reacting to spiteful statements of Mullah Taher Ashrafi, the House Speaker Abdurraof Ibrahimi said, such words are interfering in Afghanistan domestic issues. We don’t want to be involved in destabilizing of our neighboring countries including Pakistan.
We want he add to have good relations according to diplomatic laws and traditions with Pakistan. We hope Pakistan would not disturb both countries’ relations with such irresponsible statements. We address Afghan Ulema to clear their position on irresponsible utterances of Pakistani counterparts.
Assassination of Sameulhaq is not related to Afghanistan people and the Afghans have never been in favor of Pakistan instability. Some lawmakers said that words of Taher Ashrafi have political motives and according to them these words have been expressed with hinting of Pakistan Spy Agency.
Recent utterances of Pakistani Mullah was encountered with reaction of the Senate Religious and Cultural commission as the latter called current war a sedition not Jihad. Chairman of commission Abdul Latif Nahzatyar said, this Pakistani Mullah should have not made such statement because the world Islamic Ulema have already verdicted against current war in Afghanistan.
Current war is a proxy war of regional reactionary forces and circles and has been imposed on Afghan muslims. The world Islamic Ulema in their meetings in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Afghanistan have issued verdict against it and called it corruption and sedition.
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