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Pakistan mobility along Duran Line against international conventions


By: Lailuma Noori

Nangarhar local officials have accused Pakistan of illegal mobility and violations and effort for construction installations inside Afghanistan soil. This comes amid increasing tensions and clashes between border forces of the two countries in Ghorki area of Nangarhar’s Momand dara district.

“The recent step taken by Pakistan in border area is invasion and against international conventions; therefore, we’re condemning it. I assure the people of Afghanistan that our border forces are defending the country and sovereignty with full determination,” said Ziaulhaq Amarkhil, governor of Nangarhar.


He asked the international community for cooperation with Afghanistan in prevention of Pakistan mobility along the Durand Line.

Reason for ongoing tension in border areas with Pakistan is clear. Afghanistan does not recognize the Durand Line and does consider it as an imaginary line. It is a historic issue whose root goes to past years. The ongoing problem and tension along the imaginary line won’t resolve with increasing mobility and violations or shelling of rockets on Afghan soil.Launching rocket attacks on Afghan soil or firing on border forces of Afghanistan is one clear example of uncounted examples in which Pakistan wants the imaginary line to be recognized. There is no doubt that Afghanistan is facing with increasing problems and challenges as political stability is fragile and the country’s national defense and security forces have been fighting armed insurgent groups for year. Using such situation facing Afghanistan, Pakistan is making effort to create a new issue for Afghanistan.

Construction of installations and barbed wire along the Durand Line has been started by Pakistan militaries almost three years ago, while Afghanistan government considers construction of such installations along the border areas as illegal and against international conventions. But, despite that Afghanistan considers construction of any installations as illegal, Pakistan has continued to do so, which has increased tensions between the two countries.In 2017, Pakistan started construction of military installations and the 1,200 km barbed wire project along the most sentiment parts of areas bordering Afghanistan. Based on reports, currently the construction of the 900 km barbed wire has been completed.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are divided by the Durand Line, a 2,400km frontier with villages and mountainous areas bordering the two countries.

Clashes between Afghan border forces and Pakistani militaries are not new. Previously, clashes had been erupted between the two sides in Kunar and Kandahar provinces where a number of Afghan civilians have been killed.

In reaction to the clashes and mobility of the Pakistani militaries along the Durand Line, Afghanistan ministry of foreign affairs has repeatedly asked the country to refrain from construction of illegal installations along the border.

It is worth mentioning that acting minister of foreign affairs in his recent meeting with Pakistan deputy minister of foreign affairs Suhail Mahmoud asked for stopping rocket attacks and construction of illegal installations along the Durand Line, but construction of illegal installations is going on despite of repeated demand from Afghanistan side.

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