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Pakistan & its role in Afghanistan peace talks

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With peace efforts of Afghanistan government for peace talks with the Taliban group, it is determined that peace talks will be held next week in Pakistan.

Officials for High Peace Council (HPC) say Afghanistan government welcomes any effort that will be made for maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan and hope that peace talks in Pakistan will end with positive result.

“No considerable development in peace talks, but high peace council is in contact with the Taliban group,” said Ataullah Saleem, deputy to high peace council.

He stressed that the Taliban group is not independent to hold peace talks with Afghanistan government as tripartite peace talks between Afghanistan and Pakistan had ended with no positive result.

Speaking to journalists in a news conference in Mazar-e-Sharif, Saleem added efforts have been made by Afghanistan government in national, regional and international level for maintaining peace and stability in the country.

Meanwhile, Afghan political experts say that Afghanistan government is in serious fight against terrorist groups, so Pakistan should take the issue as serious and make effort to honestly cooperate in maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan.

“Pakistan has repeatedly wanted to play role in Afghanistan peace process, but unfortunately its efforts and role have not been honest and ended with no positive results,” said Shekiba Hashimi, a member of parliament.

Akram Andishmand, another Afghan political expert, believes that the people of Afghanistan won’t trust on Pakistan anymore and peace talks with the Taliban group can be successful when key members of the group participate in peace talks and share their visions with Afghanistan government.

On the other hand, Javed Kohistani, another Afghan political and military expert, says a large number of regional and world countries have made efforts towards maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan so far. He added that such efforts would be effective only if world and regional countries cooperate honestly with Afghanistan in connection with peace process.

Pointing to role of Pakistan in Afghanistan peace process, Kohistani said that unfortunately the country’s militaries were trying to deteriorate security situation in Afghanistan and not let Pakistan government to honestly cooperate with Afghanistan government in maintaining peace and stability in the country as Pakistan had said that Afghanistan jihad was for the defense of Pakistan.

In the meantime, Afghan citizens believe that Afghanistan national unity government should take clear position in connection with peace process and convince Pakistan to honestly cooperate with Afghanistan in all fields.

“During the past 16 years, efforts of Afghanistan government towards maintaining peace and stability in the country have not borne any positive result as foreign interferences of some neighboring countries in particular Pakistan have caused that war in Afghanistan has continued for years,” said Malai, a school teacher.

It is worth mentioning that most of world and regional countries would like to somehow play role in Afghanistan peace process, but it is believed that peace can be maintained in the country at a time when all opponent groups accept Afghan laws and constitution and join peace process.

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