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Pakistan, institutionalizes idea of interference in Afghanistan


Since long time, the government, Army and spy agency of Pakistan are involved in interfering in Afghanistan interregnal affairs and have been supporting whatever disturb our security, stability, and improvement of our political system. The hands of these three elements are behind every action for our destabilization, jeopardizing our security and deranging of our governance by every group in the past and present.
Today there is no doubt the Pakistan government and all establishment have been playing direct role in intensifying of ongoing crisis in Afghanistan. Experts believe that the roots of all these situations are in the policies of Pakistani past and present rulers and leaders.
Pakistanis imagine that as if India is their old enemy, and is involved in all affairs related to Afghanistan politics and governance and exploits and take advantages from all capacities in Afghanistan against Pakistan. Pakistani rulers and politicians are strongly shackled by an India based policy on Afghanistan by their interferences.
All these mean that the policy of intervention in Afghanistan and interference in our domestic issues has been changed to an institutionalized culture among Pakistani rulers. All Pakistani political, military, intelligence, and even religious and civil institutions allow themselves to interfere in our internal issues according to their real and legal entities and all of them believe that all Afghans have to take advice from Pakistani leaders and rulers on all their national and private issues and lead their life according to Pakistan mental and strategic position. All these bodies allow themselves to interfere in our domestic and foreign political, economic, social, cultural, military issues. Pakistani religious leaders issue verdict of Jehad against our elected political system that Afghans have established with absolute majority and unanimity and have guaranteed it legitimacy with hundred percent vote.
They express opinion on our relations while we are an independent country with internationally recognized national sovereignty and our current system and government have been accepted by the ruling system on global and international relations. They are in favor of change of these relations with the world. They address relations of our friendly countries as aggression and occupation and ask their mercenaries to launch Jehad against them.
Pakistani Mavlana Ashrafi in an interview with Pakistani “News” TV, said, those who are pleased for killing of Mavlavi Samyulhaq, have understood wrong, because after killing of Samyulhaq, I swear in God Jidad in Afghanistan would be more intensified to that extent that no wrong would remain in Afghanistan. It requires that Pakistanis should be understand that Afghanistan is an independent country and Afghanistan know well how to lead their life and don’t need custodian, never allow others including Pakistani Mullahs to express opinion on our international relations and tell the people that who is right and who is wrong? Or declare Jihad against Afghans who are wrong according to their opinion.
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