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Pakistan asked to take practical steps towards maintaining peace in Afghanistan


By: Lailuma Noori

Afghanistan Presidential Office has accused Pakistan of having deep relations with the Taliban group, asking the country to make use of its influence and take practical steps towards maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan.
Deputy spokesperson to Afghanistan Presidential Office shared the country’s reaction in connection with recent remarks of Shah Mahmoud Quraishi, foreign minister of Pakistan.
“There is sufficient evidence that shows deep relations of Pakistan with the Taliban group. It is time that Pakistani officials should make use of their influence they have on Taliban to take practical steps towards ending the war and permanent ceasefire in Afghanistan,” said Amiri, deputy spokesperson to Presidential Office.
Previously, Pakistan foreign affairs minister had also criticized on Afghanistan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Muhib, who had accused the country of running the undeclared war against Afghanistan and supporting from the Taliban group.
As an independent country, Afghanistan government has always made effort to have good relations with world and regional countries, but what has been said by Afghanistan has been clearly reiterated that regional terrorism and making use of terrorism as a foreign policy is not in interest of any countries.
It is all clear to the world that Pakistan’s ISI has close relations with the Taliban group and safe havens of all those terrorist groups that are killing innocent people, destroying mosques, schools and public infrastructures in Afghanistan are in Pakistan.
Pakistan government is secretly holding talks with the Taliban group as most media has exposed their secret talks. Besides, Taliban has official offices and representations in Pakistan and plans all its operations from this country as most terrorists who have been detained or arrested have admitted that they have been trained in Pakistan.
Afghanistan government knows that Pakistanis particularly the country’s intelligence and security organs have close and direct relation with terrorist groups particularly Taliban. Although the government of Pakistan somehow shows that they are in favor of peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan, they have not shown any honestly action towards maintaining peace and stability in the country. Since Pakistan was born in 1947, it has somehow interfered in internal affairs of regional countries particularly Afghanistan, while Afghans from early time have wanted to have good and friendly relations with Pakistan. In current circumstances, it is needed that Pakistan by perceiving the truths in the region and country should stop interfering in internal affairs of other countries particularly Afghanistan. There are various issues that have resulted in tensions in relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is good that Pakistan and Afghanistan should find a way for solution of their problems through direct negotiation.




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