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Over 300 people killed in targeted attacks, terrorist incidents in Afghanistan in a month, official

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By: Suraya Raiszada

As many as 305 people have been killed and 450 others wounded during terrorist activities over the past one month, all over the country, a statistic said Monday. Most of them, chiefly civilians, were killed in targeted attacks and landmine explosions in Kabul, Nangarhar, Kandahar, Helmand, Balkh, Herat and Ghazni.
“The Taliban militants are carrying out these attacks,” said Rahmatullah Andar, a spokesman for the National Security Council adding some take responsibility and some don’t.” According to the statistic, the losses in March show a 20% increase compared to February, as during last February, 264 people were killed in Taliban targeted attacks and explosive incidents, and another 278 other were injured.
Military experts, meanwhile, say with the beginning of the peace talks, the level of violence in the country were expected to decrease, but contrary, violence by the Taliban increased and more casualties were reported on civilians. In addition, targeted killings have increased dramatically and citizens in the country say that terrorists are the main cause of civilian casualties in the country, adding that targeted killings are also being carried out by the Taliban order and the Taliban group intends to increase violence in the cities,” said Hayatullah Hayat, acting interior minister.
“The Taliban, especially in large cities such as Nangarhar, Herat and other cities, plan to increase violence. In just one day, six civilians, including children were killed in the cities of Laghman, Khost and Saripol, and 21 other were wounded,” he said.
In the meantime, the European Union has said that the level of violence in Afghanistan was extremely high adding that the deliberate killing of civilians is against all human values, and that this is really against expectations and should be stopped immediately and completely.
It requires the country’s security agencies to launch a comprehensive plan to curb insecurity and Taliban attacks in the spring of 1400 in order to prevent targeted attacks and civilian casualties, experts said.
The people of Afghanistan are tired of growing violence and the continuing insecurity and they wait for peace, that will lead to an end to violence and the killing of civilians. They say if the Taliban accept ceasefire, it could open good grounds for the peace talks. But terrorist groups should know that war is not the solution and the only way to overcome the ongoing challenges, they should join peace process, through a comprehensive ceasefire.
Meanwhile, security authorities attribute the escalation of Taliban violence to the defeat of the opposition on the battlefield.
They believe the security of the citizens of the country depends to the close cooperation of the people with the government, especially the security and defense forces, because providing security and stability requires the cooperation from the citizens, because without the cooperation of the people no citizen can be safe.
The government should keep the war away from residential areas and try not to harm civilians during clashes and heavy attacks on enemy positions, as increasing civilian casualties will lead to public distrust of the government.

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