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Over 12m people being smuggled annually: UN


July 30 is the World Day against trafficking in Persons which is an ugly phenomenon that has been painfully increasing in our country and recognized as the biggest crime in current circumstances. This phenomenon leaves families in the mourn of their children with unknown awaiting.
Human trafficking include export, import, legal or illegal transit of people on borders compulsory or by threatening, deceive, kidnapping, abuse of power, use of weakness of victims for compulsory work, slavery etc. These incidents appear beyond social events like violence, increasing poverty, destitution. Every year, tens of thousands of people leave the country illegally through illegal smuggling by human traffickers and most of them have been abused.
According to UN report, every year, over 12 million people are being smuggled for different purposes on the earth and the criminals earn over US $ 23b from human trafficking annually.
According to experts, there is a difference between human trafficking and kidnapping. Smuggling could be called kidnap but legally kidnaping cannot be called smuggling.
The Afghan government has signed the UN charter, international treaties and UDHR and takes steps accordingly. The law on fight against human smuggling and kidnapping has been enforced by a presidential decree to prevent smuggling of youth and teenagers.
UN reports show that due to illegal migrations through seas, large number of illegal migrants including Afghans were drowned that included children too and caused great casualties.
The UNSG asked the countries who have border with Mediterranean Sea to find legal ways for applicant migrants and prevent humancatastrophe.
Some families hand over their children to human traffickers to rescue them from wars and insecurity.
The Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled have adopted preventive measures against human trafficking and established special control branches on borders and customs. Despite of certain efforts by concerned authorities, due to insecurity in the country, this crime has been going on.
If there are security and employment opportunities in the country, no doubt human trafficking would also decrease.
Lailuma Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.